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Could have been amazing, if it wasn't predictable and intangible..., 3 September 2012

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This movie could have been amazing! Diane Keaton's performance is unforgettable. Her charm and her chemistry with Jack Nickleson and Keanu Reeves is fantastic. The story starts to go a bit wrong, when Erica is just 'okay' when her daughter is caught with such an older man, perhaps if casting wasn't Jack Nickleson, it would have been a bit more believable where you could see or feel what her daughter saw in him. I can see a possible attraction happening between Harry and Erica, but the middle and ending had me disappointed and left me empty and unattached. The 'love story' feels force, as every other dry drama/romance we see being created. We don't really know why the lead character is in love with the male lead, they just are. This movie would have been much better if Erica and Julien ended up together. It's the least you expect from a romance/drama and it actually seems plausible due to the fact you feel and see the love. Julien's character knows her work, and is around to read her final draft. He even stood back and admired her and you can see what he likes about her. We understand. He's even respectful when Harry comes around and he senses something about her. It makes me want to break out my writing skills and do a rewrite of the middle and ending. As it was that great between Reeves and Keaton. Never would have thought.

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It holds on to the elements that make Tony Stark, Tony/Iron man., 25 October 2011

At first glance I was skeptical; making Tony 16...I went really??? But I actually dig it. As I know all products are targeted for the mid teens so I grunted but watched it anyway. I was also skeptical as adaptations tend to go wrong almost every time, they're usually focused on 'what sells' or just taking the names and the heroes 'powers' and making some TV show/movie. It's terribly disappointing for fans and insulting to the creators in my mind.

However, this is a true adaptation. It changes the original story a bit, however it sticks to the base of the story. It holds on to the elements that make Tony Stark, Tony/Iron man. It incorporates his closest friends and uses them as great reinforcements to the character.

This show is extremely well rounded. Great for kids, it helps them fall in love with heroes they wouldn't know otherwise. A 'smart' superhero as well not just a 'cool' hero. Although he is lol. It's well written in all aspects, as a writer/indie film maker I have zero complaints. In my book this is the perfect adaptation, it's acceptable to current fans, a great introduction for the new.

Happy it's on season two and I am praying it continues for season after season as I am so tired of bad television especially bad animations. This one is really great. It deserves it's time slot.

Skyline (2010)
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Skyline! Made for the opened mind! Truly creative, this movie was almost amazing!, 24 February 2011

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Don't listen to what you hear. I think what the 'critic's have taken from this and gave it four stars and two stars and such is the fact that main sci-fi movies that have hit theaters, everything is explained everything seems 'plausible.' They expect this movie to be written in a way that what happens, should happen, could happen, because it works in the world we live in and in our physical minds, leave everyday logic at home. Complaints hit about the aliens design looking like other aliens but changed or how it's like independence day...seriously? Film is all about being inspired by other films and making it your own, so you can't be mad over things like that. Stealing is what film makers do, it's about seeing the connection and then seeing the film on it's own. One of the best parts about this film is the WHY now that I think about it, I had so many questions at the end of's what made it so engrossing! If you like alien films with a spin on it, this is your film. It's smart, the idea is so smart... I couldn't stop thinking about it. If you're logical and closed minded skip it you'll hate it. But I'm waiting in anticipation of the sequel.

The 'odd happenings' begin, and the idea is solid! I love it. The greatness in the thousands of people rising from the earth and being sucked up into the ship! Yesss... However, some of the lines are a little poorly written. Cheesy even…weightless. And they cast those darn, who are just thrown in to die and we all know it characters. The character is so weak and overly confident that we know they're either first or next to follow. I hate useless characters. Waste of my time, screen time, the actor's time,and paper time. Never waste space when you make a film and never waste a character creation, it's disrespectful…insulting and takes away from a potentially great film.

But what stands out is the lead man (Eric Balfour)and his female companion (Scottie Thompson)(who really could have used more stacking as a personality, as she could have been even more amazing). The two of them had this great communication and a fantastic love, that even I couldn't joke about. Usually it's easy. But these two actors just live it so well on screen, just a great pairing overall.

Now to get to the main part of this critique is that the film takes about 35 minutes to get good. And about 50 to get...maybe even great! As for the first half you're following a handful of characters, and the two guys who just have some great friend relationship, but there isn't enough between the actors or characters for you to really care, but you know they have a relationship. Another highlight was David Zayas as Oliver. Solid actor, great character that truly added to the film and a great combo with Eric and Scottie. But man, once you get through those 35 minutes or so, you're flipping shocked, and sitting on the edge of your seat in amazement as the film takes a turn you did not expect. Eric Balfour's character Jarrod turns into something better than a hero and Scottie's character is suddenly stronger than we expected. I have to give it a few extra points for making the character Jarrod with the well known 'chosen' one role without us continually hearing 'he's the chosen' one, really well done story wise. Even sneaking in themes of family, staying together and the love for ones family being a force to be reckoned with. The constant danger, that actually FEELS constant, as most films you lose that feeling of danger being near because the characters having some love/motivational speech and the film 'slows,' when the base of the film is 'action' slowing down mid way sucks for us viewers. Personally for the first time, the war doesn't feel 'easy' as running, jumping over things, setting off explosions and screaming and shooting with your guns a blazing with a bullet in your shoulder, doesn't happen as they realize it doesn't work...finally, something different!! I'd say more, but I kinda just hope you watch, you can hate me for making you watch it or thank me as I truly think it's great visually for what they were working with and lead character wise, and actor performance wise for a few of them.

I was going to vote 7. but then after hearing it being slammed, it deserves so much more than that. So out of respect from one filmmaker to a full crew, it's an 8.