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Just a pure joy! Love animation, love this world of limitless imagination. I 'pray' I keep/feed this kid in me forever.
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This is just weird list; which usualy makes you really drown to it, sometimes disgusted, sometimes you can't belive your eyes, other times it is just uncofortable to watch. In any case, it does something to you and always makes you wonder...
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Music plays such a big and one of the most important rolls in a movie. It can add such a lovely touch and get you to that place where you actually one be watching sertain fiction. It makes you drown to it and aloweds you to imagine behind the visible. Music is the finishing layer to the already good Picture. In this list music's done just that- took me to the place I wanna be.
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'I am not at all romantic, I leave romance to me seniors.' o.Wilde said it, and I agree. I found it lovely when actors and directors can make us feel something so real as love even through this fictioal media. They take us to the place where we can almost touch this eternal feeling-regardles whether we felt it,feel it, will feel it or not (we cry, we lough, we want..) and that is the magic of it.
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Movies that leave me wondering, those who affected me in ANY way (sadness, happiness, wonder, smile, anger, amazement...). I suppose there are better movies, but for mois- this is all I expect from this art that takes you to the whole new dimensions.
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'Based on the true story'. Well, for some it's rather hard to believe that that is the case. They are probably my favourite ones. Anyway, i think it is morvelous that we are able to see, to enter the world of this extraordinary people.Be insipred or just enjoy their jurney, knowing that everything is possible and that reality is so many times 'craziest' than fiction itself.
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I am pretty strong happy person who turns everything (when possible) into sth positive, so, i NEED this movies, this fiction to break me into peaces out of the reality. I keep myself very up to the challenge of resolving all 'hit in me so it can come out pretty awesome. This movies are perfect for letting it all out. So, if you need sth to cry for:) outide your own they are...