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I finished Cormac McCarthy's screenplay of: "The Counselor", and absoultely loved it. I'm a HUGE fan of the writer, so you can only imagine my excitement when I heard he wrote a screenplay. Unfortunately Ridley Scott took over as Director, and I feel like some people cast/rumored are a bit uninspired. So here's my list!
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Cormac McCarthy is one of my favorite writers of all time. He's definitely my favorite living novelist. He's written incredible novels, a couple of fantastic play's, and now has finally dipped his feet into screenwriting. So you can only imagine my excitement when I heard about "The Counselor". This is something special, folks. Something very special. At least to me it is, so I could only hope the Producers who picked it up would pick a respectable director who could do justice to McCarthy's screenplay. You can only imagine my disappointment when they announced Ridley Scott would helm the picture. I understand the love for the Director, I however cannot stand his films aside from Alien, and Blade Runner. I couldn't even get into Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, or American Gangster. I just don't like his style.

Everyday I'd look around the internet to see where I can find the screenplay, so I could read it before watching it, because I'm almost certain I'll enjoy it more that way. I finally found it one day, and read the entire thing in that sitting. The screenplay is perplexing. It's not written in a conventional screenplay format, it's formatted more like a play, however that does not hinder the absolute awesomeness the screenplay possesses. By now you've probably realized I'm a McCarthy fan, and this satisfied my every fiber. Just fantastic. Like most McCarthy's works, I had to read it a second time to have a clear understanding of what I had read. It's enchanting, violent, gothic. McCarthy.

Anywho, as time went on actors have slowly been considered for roles of certain characters. I can't say I'm satisfied, to be quite honest with you. The choices, to me, seem a bit uninspired. Albeit, as of today (4/14/12), no one but Michael Fassbender has been definitely cast in any role yet. Only supposedly under consideration. But even then.

So far (4/14/12) we have:
Director: Ridley Scott


Michael Fassbender as: "The Counselor" (CONFIRMED)
Jermey Reener as: "Reiner" (RUMOR)
Javier Bardem as: "UNKOWN" (RUMOR- I think it may be Reiner.)
Natalie Portman as: "Laura" (RUMOR)
Brad Pitt as: "Westray" (RUMOR)
Angelina Jolie as: "UNKOWN (RUMOR)

Look at the cast above. I personally would prefer none of the above for their selected roles, aside from perhaps Fassbender, and Pitt. If Pitt and Angelina are both in this picture, it will no longer be known as a McCarthy/Scott film, but a Brangelina film. No one wants that, cept' the tabloids of course. Besides, she could only be one of two parts. Malinka, the Argentinean sexy woman, or Laura, The Counselors fiance. Javier Bardem, while a great actor, I think he's just there because of his role in No Country. I'm sure he's up for Reiner, and I think several other actors are more than capable, and fitting for the role of the character. If it was between Jeremy Reener, and Bardem for that role, I'd rather go with Jeremy Reener, but only because I've never seen him in a role like this.

Anyway, after being incredibly frustrated with what I've been seeing lately, I've decided to put together my own, for the lack of a better word, 'dream' cast/crew together. I'm not going to include every single person involved with production. I will however choose who I think would best perform: Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Soundtrack, and Acting duties with the picture. I'll also give a brief description for why I chose who I chose. I think these people would be flawless in their roles with the picture, and would do Cormac McCarthy the justice his picture deserves! So, here it goes:
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