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Perfect Show!, 8 December 2010

This show is AWESOME! It teaches reading, and phonetics through music, graphics, and fun story lines. My 19 month old son, and 4 year old daughter both love this show. It's hard to find kid shows that don't drive me, as the mom, crazy. This is one that I don't mind having on at all. I can't wait for the DVD of the seasons to come out so that we can have it in the car for our road trips. Many of the themes taught are: Honesty, Integrity, overcoming shyness, being true to yourself, and working well with others. Even the 'bad guys' known as the Pranksters, have their shining moments where they join the forces of 'good.' I love the way it teaches about silent 'e' and ways to remember grammatical rules. Kids are learning through fun, bright, music and artistic demonstrations.