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Happy in Paradise, 7 March 2011

What can a successful father and husband do when his whole world falls apart? His wife leaves LA to find a new life in Catalina Island, 26 miles from LA. The successful husband who had made a lot of money in the stock brokerage business, leaves it all to pursue his two children who have moved to Catalina. After visiting Catalina, he finds the enchantment has given him a new lease on life. He leaves his old job, and retires to the exotic island much to the dismay of his estranged wife, and begins a renewed part of his life.

Soon the husband finds his own friends, meets up with musicians from his past, gets the band back together, and starts enjoying life. There is even some time for a new senorita in his life. John Schneider, actor, singer, producer, and director gets to showcase his multitalents in this series. Look for singing sequences and new songs in a Jimmy Buffet-esqe era of music.

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Primer for 2012, 7 March 2011

Watch as a family finds out how to keep together in a post-apocalypse program designed to make the viewer think about this possible future, feel the hardship, and overcome disaster.

This series explores the ways in which a family hit by devastation brings themselves together. They struggle with the climate, forge for food in the wilderness, and seek out lodging while dodging the cold climate and dire consequences of climatic changes. In their ordeal, they learn to work together, and find out what true friendship and love mean to one another.

This should be picked up by a prime time network. John Schneider's acting talents are showcased in this series.