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Artist...yes, but sooo much more!, 9 December 2010

Part Artist, musician, friend, promoter, entrepreneur, comedian and comic book super hero. Brent Houzenga is that and sooo much more. "Hybrid Pioneer" is more than a documentary about an artist, it is about all of us as artists and people. Watching Brent you get to take a look at not only his life, but your own. This film allows us to see just how much one person can really do. Most of us take one or two "leaps of faith" in life, Brent does it over and over taking his friends and the art community right along with him.

Brent's art is amazing. You get to not only see his art but get the story behind it. "Hybrid Pioneer" is a film about a real person doing real art. Definitely two thumbs waaay up and 10 stars...and a "Where can I get a copy so I can show this to everyone?"

This film is very well done. A must see for artists and anyone else who needs a swift kick in the rear to get them off their behind and doing more...not just with art but with life.