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What did I just watch?, 28 April 2012

At first I thought I was watching a poor mans "B" movie with the typical torture the parents until they get what they need. By the end i was watching Home Alone 4 rated R style and zero jokes. This movie was downright brutal.

This kid was awesome, now some of the acting is stale but the silence of the young man made this a better movie. The bad guys in this flick were also very good, they came in to get what they want and didn't waste our time torturing them but straight up killing.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for Saturday night popcorn flick. Turn off your brain and enjoy the action!

The Fields (2011)
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Terrible acting in this, 8 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off this Tara Reid has about 4 minutes of play in this movie and does not deserve to be even mentioned honestly. I was pretty upset by the theme that the mom could not take care of the child because she was having issues. At the end we find out she is drinking with the girls and pawned them off so she could party like a 19 year old.

Lets get down to the storyline. Wow where to start the first hour of the movie its a borefest. Nothing going on but I could see where this was going from a mile away with the hippies and tard at the milk farm. Its about a child who gets pawned off at grandma and grandpas and some hippies and a milk farm. Sounds interesting right NOTTT!!.

Lets get to the last 20 minutes of the movie when mom and dad come in too the rescue. Dad finds out that mom and dad are being harassed at night and does absolutely nothing to get his kid out of the house. The scare are pretty crappy and predictable, I didn't find anything interesting about this flick.

The acting WOW can you say atrocious! Grandma needs to be fired from all films after that whack job she put on. I am surprised grandpa didn't shoot her. The acting was really annoying and the storyline was just flat out weird. The movie could of had some interest if you eliminated grandmas sister plot line. People just want some excitement don't bore us with a story build up that takes 75 minutes to get to the point. This would of played out better as a thriller with some face time with the bad guys.

I am so tired of movies using Actors names when they pretty much have a cameo part.

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not very good, 5 March 2012

I watched this going in with high hopes with Adam Beach and Bradley cooper. What i really got was a alright story made into a pretty poor movie. I was trying to figure out what Coopers part really had to do with the movie. Will bring in a Earthquake expert too take a look at an area where supposedly an earthquake took place. Adam Beach was alright but he looked bored playing his part like it was a paycheck probably because he knew this movie would get lost or go directly to DVD. Not only was this movie lost it didn't get released until 2012 over 5 years after it was made.

Well this would be the moment to start releasing older Bradley Cooper movies after his Hangover flicks. I have to be honest the lead female role in this movie was hard to look at and her acting was not much better. This tries to be a superstitious ghost type movie and turns into an unbelievable movie with zero suspense. Its amazing how 1 priest can try to cover up such a big mess you would think he would have help and he all by himself had that much power to keep it hidden. They turned a based on a true story into a suspense movie where only the past was the truth everything else was LIFETIME for TV. Bradley probably wishes he didn't except the part!

Detachment (2011)
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Wow wonderful film, 25 February 2012

Terrence Malick should take a look at this movie to understand how art films are supposed to be made not just images reflecting on a screen but real emotions included. This was an outstanding movie and in my eyes should of got more recognition and probably the Best Picture of 2011. Adrian Brodys deserved a nomination for his performance as a substitute teacher who does not want a full time gig because he does not want to be emotionally attached to his students. He shows real raw emotion in his position.

I just want to say props to the director who did an outstanding job not trying to be too artsy and trying to make all viewers happy instead of one group of viewers. By far the best movie I have seen from 2011.

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Hey I liked it what can i say, 2 February 2012

This brought back memories of the Jeeper Creeper without the big monster in it but it sure had the villain. Unlike most movies that have a huge build this one does not. Right from the beginning you know who the villain is and there is no question this kid is screwed up.

The movie is going to go a place that I didn't think it would go. I was sure this kid was the devil with some of the stunts that was going on. I will not spoil the surprise but at the end you will understand everything. I really enjoyed it from beginning to end. If you enjoyed jeepers creepers style type movie than you will enjoy this.


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???? What can I say about this, 26 December 2011

I am a huge Christian based movie fan and watch a lot of them. I have been catching every Alex Kendrick movie and so far if there not directed by him there has been very little value out there. I caught this one today and wow, if your going to have bad acting ensure its not bad from the first few scenes of the movie. Sure Satan played by Malcolm Mcdowell was actually alright but even he over acted in the part.

One part of the movie introducing Satans lawyers like it was a basketball lineup at an NBA game was 10 minutes of horrible footage to say the least. If you really want to catch some very good Christian based movies i highly recommend Fly Wheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and Courageous. At least those movies actually had some worth in the script and had some pretty good acting compared to this!

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Should of never received the green light, 23 October 2011

I was reading some reviews on this movie and pretty much ignored them because of all the star power. In the end the critics were right about this movie. Every actor in this movie looked out of place and not interested in the part they were playing.

Let's start with the younger kids in the flash backs. Overall, the acting was very poor from the younger generation in this film, Channing Tatum younger barely spoke and when he did it didn't seem real. Maybe, I was thrown off here because Tracy Morgan and Channings younger didn't even come close to resembling the adults.

I don't think anyone read the script before accepting the gig. Throwing a lot of great actors together for a crime thriller sometimes doesn't work and this is one case where it failed. Poor story, poor direction, and just downright bad acting by a lot of the big names in this film starting with Channing Tatum. If someone could turn back the clock this movie would of never made it past the green light.

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Realistic Review, 17 September 2011

Gosh I really dislike it when people who work on the movie go into the discussion board and review there movie like its an Oscar winner. K lets get to the review!

I will put this in a category of an alright LIFETIME movie. The acting was mediocre by 50 cent, but everyone else did a fine job. One thing I really dislike in movies is the directors inability to be realistic. You could tell that this was filmed in a practice facility because the field was about 60 yards long and the sideline players were actually on the field during the play, because there was no room on the sidelines. Hint Director go ahead and pay a Junior College to use there field and throw some extras in there for crowd. Stop being so cheap!!! I am sure 50 cent could of rounded up a few dollars for that.

The drama in the movie was OK but again LIFETIME style. Overall on a 5 scale its about a 2. The subject of cancer was not really sad at all in this. They want you to feel pity for a snobby football player that has everything, including other peoples girls like his brothers girl. This showed why star football players should actually study in school, because if you are hit with a career ending injury or cancer you might end up at Dads fix it up shop turning a wrench.

The Encounter (2010/I)
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Overall not a bad film, 11 May 2011

I started watching this movie and I was thinking OK typical Christian movie all heart and bad acting. The acting was not as bad as facing the Giants although i put it behind Facing the Giants because it had a better theme. No i am not a die-hard Christian fanatic although i do enjoy some of the movies that are put out there because they put me back in my place.

The basic concept of the movie is five people end up getting sidetracked by the devil because of flooding and get sent back to a diner where Jesus is trying to save each individual from going down the wrong path. The movie overall had a great concept but it got a little too deep on the religion side although i do understand the reasoning but it got pushed over the top a little. I rank this a 7 out of Ten and i put Fireproof, Facing the Giants, and To Save a Life ahead of this small treasure of a movie.

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Not a Horrible movie, 16 April 2011

I was watching this and usually i turn off a Cuba Gooding movie within a half hour because of his poor performances in the last 4 or 5 years. This is the 2nd movie i have made it to the end without saying terrible. Actually this is about a 7 out of 10 because at least he had another acter that is not terrible with cuba. Cole Hauser actually makes this movie worth watching. This is worth a watch if you having nothing left to do on a Saturday night. The movie starts off with a terrible bond like move for the credits and of course it backfired i almost turned it off after that. But after that it smoothly moved into the story..With a better director and a better acting crew this could of been at the movies.

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