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Public domain movies. All made after 1922, before and during which all movies are PD.
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For a set I think I'll make.
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All films currently mentioned in said article.
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50 movie set from Mill Creek.
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Formerly lost films. (from Wikipedia)
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All films in Mill Creek's "Excellent Eighties" multipack.
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All movies in Mill Creek's "The Fabulous Forties" multipack.
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The third version of this playlist.
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100 of the most sought after (and if not, they should be) lost or partially lost films. I don't want people coming on here and chiding me for choosing to be concerned about this, so please don't. Some have at least 5 IMDb votes, so please report any findings to
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All the movies and TV episodes I plan to watch in the six weeks leading up to Halloween 2015.
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My playlist for two years from now. I neither have a lot of free time nor a lot of money, which is why I'm not doing it now. The purpose of publishing this list on IMDB is to see which ones are in print.
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The movies in Mill Creek Entertainment's "The Sensational Sixties" set. They are definitely an acquired taste.
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Here's a list of films I will be writing about. I'm publishing it so that I can play around with it on IMDb's Advanced Title Search.
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I've never seen any of these movies, and I probably never will. How are we supposed to without them being released on DVD?
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See my list titled "WW1 lotto" - this is the final, shortened version of that.
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Long-list for a private film festival I am having summer of next year.
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Here are the first films of my favorites!
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If you like animation with fat people, these are the ones to check out! Courtesy of
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The artists therein. Trying to see what movies these songs were in.
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Movies that are new to or re-entered the list.
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Film festival I'll be having for Halloween. There are only 29 here, there are 2 others which are not movies.
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I haven't seen most of these.
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Actors who, despite their fame, have little-seen filmographies. Note that none made their debuts later than the '30s.
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Movies I want to order from Amazon so I can finally balance out the overwhelming number of good movies with bad ones.
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If and when this ever happens. It might in a few years, or not ever. But if it does soon, here's my rundown.

(I hope to produce as well as write.)
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Movies I want to watch for Halloween next year while I can still think of them.
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Taken from a book.
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Ones I haven't watched. For my purposes only!
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The public's choices for the 200 worst movies as listed at the back of The Golden Turkey Awards.
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The romantic. The Gothic. The goofy. The sinister. The campy. They're all here!
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I don't have the book on hand. These are all I can think of right now.
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I haven't seen all these movies, but I thought this would make a really good book, so I'm working on it. The ones I haven't seen are listed alphabetically.

In fact, I'm trying to create a surplus so I can write another volume.
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Just so you know where I'm coming from, I was born in 1992.

This is not all of them!
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In no particular order, what the public will probably favor the most.
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This is not supposed to be a definitive list of bad movies, just a sampling of below-par ones.
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In order of track listing
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Some only "rock" on the basis of their work, though. In no particular order:
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This is the order in which they'll be presented on the compilation I'm making.
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In descending order of quality. Check it out!
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As good as my other set was, it still needs a sequel!

By the way, "The Weary Kind" from Vol. 1 was replaced by Radiohead's "15 Step" from "Twilight!"
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The '80s Movie Hits are now 4 discs instead of 2! This means I can be more comprehensive and not as selective.
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Starting with the DON'TS FIRST.
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All Star
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The films I am going to watch (I already have most of them) this October to count down to Halloween.
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#101-200 of Halliwell's top 1000, published in 2005. In response to the comment on #1-100, I *will* continue to list films from before 1970. In your face, "terminator-x!"
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Part three!
a list of 50 titles
Part two!
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The most significant films of those who I want to make this project. FYI, one actor is deceased; my plan is to figuratively resurrect him solely for this project. The list is limited to films I've seen.
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I like to make sets of famous movie songs. Here's my take on movies from the classic years.
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In 2005 "Halliwell's" editor John Walker wrote a countdown book of his top 1000 movies. This list is a little off the wall, but that's the beauty of it, I think. Here it is presented counting UP.
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Poll taken in 2010 to find the best movies with less than 1,000 votes at IMDb, however, some have gained popularity since that time.
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Same gig, just with the '80s. (See my other lists for '90s and '00s hits.)
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Same stunt as before, just with the '90s.
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Perfect Day - Hoku
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Here are the people I'd like to cast in my dream project. I'll shoot the scenes with the oldest actors first. And just because I list someone doesn't mean I think they're that great. It just means I'd like them for their respective part. Wish me luck!
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My favorite films of all time (so far). Sorry there are two Nosferatus, I don't know how to get rid of the other.