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Only did villains that were portrayed by actors, not stuntmen or computer graphics.
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This list is for actors who today excel in comedy. Not guys like Eddie Murphy who was hilarious once, yet hasn't been that funny in a few years. This list also doesn't include actors who don't specialize in comedies i.e. tom cruise in tropic thunder ( i don't care if you hate him, les grossman was epic).
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This list is just for people who won their Oscar for acting over the past 20 years. There are several Oscar-Winning performances that shouldn't have been. I.E. Nicolas Cage, but out of all the nominees, sadly he was the best. Then there are the Daniel Day-Lewises (Gangs of New York) and Robert Deniros (Cape Fear) who were great but lost fair and square. All the actors on this list deserved a nomination definitely, but in my personal opinion they should have come up just short.
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A hard list to make with arguably the greatest actor of all time. Been in a lot of great movies, given a lot of great performances, but here are my personal 10 favorite for Jack Nicholson.
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Too many great performances by possibly the best actor of the decade, yet I narrowed them down to my personal favorite top 10.
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Edward Norton is truly one of the greatest actors to ever step in front of a camera. I am on record saying that each and every performance he gives is great, it's just these are my 10 personal favorites.
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Plus 10 Honorable Mentions
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My personal list of the Worst Actors Ever