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1.December - 29. Februar
My annual winter film marathon that started back in 2012.
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This category is harder to define than my Teen horror movies.
It includes horror movies about young people who are not teenagers anymore. Young people that came out of school, got their first jobs. Horror movies about twenty and something people.
This list is still being modified. Movies are organized in rates from 10 to 1.
If you dont like my rates i advise you to ignore them and choose another sorting from the sort-by button on the right side.
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Some of the worst movies that I saw.
Boredom at its finest.
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* * * * Movies with snow.* * * *
(Does not include animated films and cartoons.)

Please do consider that this is my personal research so I put on this list only those films that I watched or at least briefly checked out for having snow as their primary scenery (4/5 of film or something around this proportion). I don't mind if I get any suggestions in the comment-section, but as I said, I will put the film on only if I checked film myself.
This list is updated daily or at least weekly.
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I proudly present You the largest Teen Horror list on IMDb.
This list is updated daily.
**This list is still being modified so if you would like to see new teen horrors that I'm adding to this list, please press "list order" button on the right hand side and choose "date added" so you can see the new movies added to this list**
List is organized by my personal rating of the films. At the beginning are the movies rated 10/10 and at the end those rated 1/10
If you don't like my ratings, you can choose another sorting by choosing from the menu "sort by" on the right hand side.

As a huge fan of Kevin Williamson and Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer franchises I realized few years ago that out there is actually a sub-genre of horror called "teen horrors" or sometimes "youth horrors". So I started with the research. I was right, there was such a sub-genre but I soon realized that films called teen horrors started repeating on different lists. Lists were incomplete, having on only a few blockbusters and in many cases were wrong.
So I started back in '09 my own research and the list bellow is a product of this research. I have watched every single film on this list and I am rating it with my irrelevant rating from 10-1. (My ratings are irrelevant due to my personal taste which is mainly focused on good story and scenery. Sometimes there are comments under each film, this comments too are my personal thoughts and are irrelevant as such). This list has become the biggest and the purest "teen horror movies" list not only on IMDb but on the internet as well.

Also I would like to define term "teen horror" or "teen horror movie/film". Teen horror is not horror for teenagers but horror about teenagers.

I am glad to announce that this Teen Horror Research has reached 100 000 views on 10th of May 2015.

Now there are five pages, so be sure to click "next" in the right hand corner below.

Teen Horror Actresses
Youth Horror Movies
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This is the list of actresses that act in more than one teen horror. In more teen horrors actress act higher on this list she is.
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Movies that have to do with islands
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My most favourite movies
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1. September - 30. November
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some horrors yet to be released
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1. June - 31. August

Here we go again, fourth year in a row I will spend most of the summer watching films. There will be a lot of summer classics as well as new summer-ish films. There will be old and new films, good and bad films, mostly B-films but few blockbusters as well.
The real question is: will I be able to watch more than 140 films, the number that I reached last year.
here are my summer film marathons from previous years:
2014 (140 films)
2013 (112 films)
2012 (72 films)
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1.March - 31. May
a list of 140 titles
Lot of horrors in 2009
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1. December - 28. February
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Just a list of shows that i currently watching with the note of witch season do I watch at the moment.
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1. September 2014 - 30. November 2014
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1. June - 31. August
Third year in a row I will be spending my summer vacations watching a lot of films. Like always I will be focusing on good summer movies, movies with summer atmosphere. I will rewatch many good films too.
I rewatched The River series also.
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1.March - 31.May

This marathon was very poor I haven't had any real desires to watch movies this spring. I was all weird and stuff. That's the main reason why this "film marathon" list, has so little titles on it. But summer will be as epic as always. It will be my third "summer film marathon" and I look forward to it. You can expect some great summer movies and a lot of rewatches.
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1. September - 30. November
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A lot of horror movies in 2012
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1.june - 1. september
As the last year, this year too I have summer film marathon.
I dont like summer at all, i dont like summer vacation but I sure like good summer movies.
Some of the films here on this list have become my annual summer tradition.
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1. March - 1. June
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It's time for rewatching some great movies and also the new ones, especially winter and christmas films.
1.december - 1.march
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All the christmas mvoies that Hateless (Idi Ot) watched.
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This is list of movies I intend to watch this fall.
1. september - 1. december
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Here are few movies from my childhood.
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Since I dont like summer at all, and i hate all the fuzz around it. I will spent my summer vacations watching movies. Good ones and Bad ones. Blockbusters and B movies. I attend to watch summer movies primarly (Because i am that kind of person that watch summer movies at summer and winter movies at winter)but there will be some others too.
Those movies will be primarly horrors since i watch almost only horrors. but there will be some summer (or not summer) comedies and good thrillers.
Welcome to the marathon.
1. june - 1. september
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Movies i like to watch more than just once.
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Please consider that Im not from english speaking country so my english is bad. I know I should take my english class in high school more serious.
This is my personal Top best teen horrors list. It is completly made out of some conclusions that i got through my teen horror research:
I hate from the bottom of my heart stupid parahorrors such as Zombieland, Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil, Those are manifestations of stupidicity among todays viewer population. Those two movies are not even horrors nor spoofs. Those two movies are created for lame minded emo kids that cant stand true horrors and are forced to watch those comediehorrors. Lame and disgusting.
Second genre that I also hate is those asian horrors. They are all the same, little girl with pale skin and long disgusting black hair is killing some people due some traumas from the past. Those lame yellow movies are really popular among "horror experts" but I think that they are just unable to enjoy in good american horror movie (by the way I am european, as you can tell due my broken english) and they are forced to watch psychological rotten asian movie, they are forced to watch porn/torture horrors. Lamers.
Nowadays emo kids are unable to enjoy good classic looking horrors. It has to be some lame zombie movie or as gore as hell retarded psychological nonsenses.
Asian and zombie and comedie horrors are here on IMDb rated as high as possible, but good true horrors are rated ridicilous low. As example: Drive Thru 4.5; Zombieland 7.7. This is EPIC FAIL!
But on this list here I try to stay loyal to the good old classic looking horror. Teen Horrors.
And no, Im not a sheep so Im not telling that one movie is good just because it has good rate here on IMDb or that its bad just because its have low rate.
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This list I created according to site
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Here is a list of movies which are often on "teen horrors" list but in fact are not teen horrors.
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Space series sorted by the date and with the movies.
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This is a list of horror movies that whole family can enjoy in. It includes horror movies without any inappropriate sexual or too gore scenes.
**This list is still being modified.**
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Teen horrors