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Here are the best 25 movies I've seen this year.
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In particular order
a list of 25 titles
This has been an spectacular year for movies. Ranging from small outclass and artistic Indies to big budget commercial hits. Moreover, the sheer brilliance and quality of the movies this year has been something of an extraordinary. And here I thought last year was stupendous for movies.

We all enjoy watching quality cinema but when it comes to ranking your best ones, and especially in a year like this, it's really not an easy job. More like ranking your babies. Not that I have any but I'm quite certain the feeling of it doesn't get quite far stretched from this agony.

I've still gotta see some of the flicks like Mommy & Leviathan which have been highly praised.

Initially when I was making the list it went up to 50 names and I couldn't possibly think of a single movie which shouldn't be on the list. Eventually with hours of padding my head into the wall I dragged down the list to 25. Since not all the movies made the cut here are some Honorable mentions: Joe, Still Alice, Nymphomaniac: Vol.I, Fury, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Godzilla, Babadook, Locke, The Raid 2, John Wick, Noah, Cold In July, Obvious Child, The Theory of Everything, Edge of Tomorrow, Blue Ruin, The Imitation Game, Selma, Two Days One Night, The One I Love, Mr. Turner, Starred Up, Young Ones, Coherence, '71, A Most Wanted Man, Love Is Strange, Begin Again, The Skeleton Twins, The Guest, Frank, The Immigrant and Pride.

Here goes my list of top 25 movies of the year 2014 ranked in particular order:
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Fargo (3)
Game of Thrones (3)
True Detective (2)
Boardwalk Empire (3)
The Leftovers (3)
House of Cards (2)
Penny Dreadful (2)
Outlander (2)
The Affair (1)
Shameless (1)
Peaky Blinders (1)
Banshee (1)
Sherlock (1)
Hannibal (1)
Masters of Sex (1)
The Americans (1)
Mad Men (1)

In particular order:
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note: not in any particular order.
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NOTE: In particular order.
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