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EXTREMELY Boring, 1 December 2010

This is about the journey of a man who discovers a Coke bottle and believes it to be a tool, given by the gods. He takes it back to his village. The people use it for many different purposes and end up fighting over it.

This is one of only three movies that I have ever walked out of the movie theater while the movie was still playing.

The premise is cute, but taken WAY too far. It loses the initial charm very quickly. This is an incredibly sad attempt at a satirical movie. It comes across as racist.

This is a movie to avoid at all costs. I think I would rather go for a root canal. It would be less painful.

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A Poignant, Touching, Believable Look at Dads After Divorce, 1 December 2010

This film really explores the roles that children and fathers are placed in after divorce. It is far more than a comedy as it explores some of the situations and feelings that are present in the divorced family that includes kids.

This is a truly likable, wonderfully enjoyable, fun movie with enough comedy to make it laughable, but enough perspective to make a someone examine the roles of a family before and after divorce.

This movie is a true keeper for our family. We watch it about 3 times a year.

Highly recommended in my opinion.

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Wonderful, Fun, Funny, Movie, 1 December 2010

This is a FANTASTIC movie in my opinion. This is just a great movie with lots of great one liners and comedy situations that are highly original and just plain fun.

I think a lot of people that review movies on here seem to forget that they are made for "entertainment" - it really doesn't matter how realistic or technically correct they are. If you are a someone highly critical of specifics in a movie, you probably wont enjoy this. However, if you are someone who can view it as a movie, and not be overly critical - this is a wonderfully fun time.

This is one of Julia Roberts best roles. A truly flustered, very busy mom, that has too much on her plate to deal with everything. But, she seems to handle it anyway.

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A Great, Feel Good, Family Movie, 1 December 2010

I actually have never heard of WWE Productions prior to watching this movie and I am not a wrestling fan in any way shape or form. I watched the movie on the recommendation of a friend.

This movie is just a fun, funny, feel good movie that is suitable for the whole family. It is a good, heartwarming movie. There are a few profanities and mild violence, but really suitable for pretty much anyone.

The actors were great. Though the main actor is apparently a wrestler, he is quite a talented actor. His ability to show a huge range of emotions is as good as most well paid, well known actors.

This probably isn't a critics movie. But if you can sit around and enjoy a movie without digging into originality and critically analyzing everything about it, you will enjoy.

This is just a great film to be able to get the family together and everyone enjoy the movie. I highly recommend it.