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This is a list of movies coming out in the near future that I am really looking forward to (and I hope many others are too).

more will be added as time goes on
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Sorry everyone! The debate is over! Peter Capaldi has been chosen to be the 12th Doctor. Ah well.

Still, have a look though. These people could still have the opportunity of being the 13th.
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This list celebrates some of the greatest villains ever to cross the silver screen.

NOTE: This is my list of villain favourites as it was in 2011. Version 2 comes soon!
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This list contains all the horror films that I for one believe are the greatest of their genre. More may be listed at a later time.

(in order of release)
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There are lots of great animated films in the world, but the problem is that apart from Disney, DreamWorks and Pixar, they have been largely forgotten. This is a list of animated films that I treasure and no one I have ever talked to knows about them.