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Once upon a time: Some like it hot, 6 October 2011

Documentary showing how the 1959 movie Some Like It Hot came to be made. Has footage from the film and frank interviews with cast and crew including Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Billy Wilder. Some interviews are from the archives, others e.g. with Tony Curtis, were done during production of the documentary in 2008. Biographical information on Marilyn Monroe and the difficulties of working with her in this movie are discussed with newsreel excerpts of her with her husband Arthur Miller. Shown on Studio (pay TV) Channel in Australia, October 2011, under the title "Once upon a time: Some like it hot" (in English). A "must watch" for fans of the movie!

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More information on John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassination, 29 November 2010

This 50 minute film shows some new footage which together with "JFK" (Oliver Stone's movie), "JFK: Inside the target car", and "JFK: 3 shots that changed America" provide a good resource for anyone who has memories of that day or who has been born since 1963. I can clearly recall the Saturday morning in Australia when the news of the assassination was first broadcast and how we all felt that the end of the world was nigh. It was soon after the Cuban Crisis and I guess we were all still nervous.

Unfortunately with all the leading characters now gone, we may never know the truth. There are restricted documents which will eventually be released, but that will most likely be when anyone alive in 1963 will no longer be around to ask difficult questions. However I recommend you check these movies out to make up your own mind about single assassin or conspiracy.