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there's a long way to go
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my absurd but brutally honest list of the best sh!t around. its not in order but i'm still working on it!! MUST WATCH MORE MOVIES!!
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some awesome (and not so awesome) flicks i've seen that don't appear in my top 250. most of these are worth watching, but some are mediocre.
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YUCK!! i'd rather die than watch any of these travesties again.
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everyone ALWAYS makes lists of 'hot chicks' who they'd f-ck and suck, so here i am, a femi-nazi, objectifying males and throwing out sexual innuendos. i hope i insulted all men with my misandrism.

note: if you see old guys and say 'wtf, is she a necrophiliac?', i probably mean the YOUNGER and hotter versions of these dudes.
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out of about 900 films i've seen, these are the ones i love the most, not in order.
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this site is full of lists of beautiful actresses. "the sexiest actresses of all time! great beauties!" well what's the point of a pretty face if there's not an interesting person behind it? beauty is great and all, but here's a list of women who exude charm and character and have nice mugs too.
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amazingly, beautiful astounding films that are glory to behold, a bunch of marvelously gorgeous cinema, each in which the cinematographer stuns and appeases!
a list of 91 titles my not so humble opinion.

i haven't seen any films made in 1903-1914, 1916-1919, 1923 & 1924, which makes 20 years of film missing. also, i haven't picked the best film of 2011, but the ones released so far suck A$$.
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a bunch of brilliant bastards that i adore (in no particular order of course)
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my favourites
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i love all the movies on this list, but it's just in order of preference.
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i love ALL Chaplin films, this is just in order of preference.
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flicks that make me gag. spare me the bull.
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best musicians ever
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i never really enjoyed Bergman films, but they're really bold and psychological and philosophical.
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Fellini is one of the greatest directors ever with his strange baroque visuals and skillful direction. these are my favourite films of his, in no particular order. i gave everything on this list 10 stars, they're all masterpieces!
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what a load of crap
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a director like no other, he stuns with vivid odd imagery and overt sexuality. all excellent films, in order of preference.
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they r kool
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what is it good for?

nothing much except for bloodshed and death, but it sure makes for one hell of a movie genre.
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Marlon Brando is arguably the greatest actor of all time. In my eyes, and the eyes of countless other fans & critics alike, Brando shines on screen like no other.

His charm, beauty, powerful presence, natural talent & his raw sexiness propelled him to the top and turned him into an icon.

Sure, the guy made some real stinkers in his later life to finance his son's financially draining murder trial, the Marlon in his later years was fat, lazy & apathetic, but still brilliant, powerful & intelligent.

Say what you will, his sucesses outshine his failures. Atleast once in your life you have to see a Brando movie. You'll be sitting & gaping in awe.

So I've compiled, according to my opinion & the critical responses to his movies, the top 15 movies that he's made & been in. You'll probably disagree with me on a few, but this list is an accurate representation of the man's talent & I've done my best to showcase the amazing, glorious highs in his career, his finest moments & greatest performances.
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Charming, sexy and talented, with those incredible blue eyes and that amazing charisma, Paul Newman is known as one of the best leading men of all time and one of the greatest, most emotive actors who ever lived. These are his 10 greatest movies.
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Alfredo James Pacino has had a long, illustrious 40 year career & has changed the face of cinema with his memorable performances, ranging from a bisexual bank robber to a ruthless crime boss to heroin addict to a heroic police officer. These are his 10 greatest moments.