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Political films when they are not mere propaganda interest me much. Political plots that reveal aspects of a historical time, make us reflect on the tragic human fate in their collective outcomes, through an investigation of individual motivations.
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Literary inspiration is always a good source
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In December, 2011, the Brazilian Culture Ministry and the Bank of Brazil presented a film festival called "Bhava: Universe of Indian Cinema", which brought to Rio de Janeiro shows the greatest Indian film ever in Brazil, presenting a panorama of the world's largest industry in over 30 films of recent productions masters of Indian cinema films and filmmakers of the exponents.

This festival brings together Bhava all aspects of cinema in India, focusing all the film industries of the country, scattered in the main regions. In order to encourage cultural exchange and enable the public to contact with a film still little known in Brazil, the show has the distinction ally, at the same time, all major languages ​​and the diverse Indian cinema industry, with award-winning films at festivals national and international.

Among the Indian industries present in the sample, are: Malayalam cinema of the state of Kerala, Tamil cinema in the state of Tamil Nadu, the Hindi cinema or Bollywood Mumbai and the region of northern India, the film Kanner's state of Karnataka, Bengali cinema of the state of Bengal and Marathi cinema of the state of Maharashtra.