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What About Dick? (2012) (V)
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80 minutes of Eric Idle-lead silliness, 7 September 2013

I only rated this a 6 as it's a bit hit and miss as a story, but if you are a fan of Brit comedy and comic actors, then this is probably worth your time.

full of wacky double-entendres along with nods to Monty Python and the Rocky Horror Picture Show, it's fun to watch all of these talented people have fun with each other.

I have NO idea how they kept from laughing through the whole thing. As much as I love Eddie Izzard, he really just can't do accents and even mocks himself on that account.

Jane Leeves is very funny, I had forgotten just how good she was on Frasier as Daphne.

Poor Billy Connolly has the hardest time of all in keeping a straight face!!!

Overall, worth a good giggle :)

Bestiár (2007)
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thoughtful film about relationships, 3 September 2013

This is a great film about a young woman's journey into discovering herself through a series of relationships with many different types of men.

it's a who's who of Czech male actors, which is a real treat. If you don't speak Czech, just watch it with subtitles, the translations are mostly pretty good.. though the English title of this film "The Bitch's Diary" makes it sound like a porn film... Bestiar, could be translated as "beastkeeper" which is fine as she looks for the beast within herself.

Sadly, we don't get to hear Danica's voice, as she's Slovak and it was decided that her accent wouldn't be understandable, so she's dubbed into Czech. it's really the only drawback to the film.

It's funny, touching and real... as we follow Karolina through the ups and downs of romance. It's a nice, feel-good film without pandering to the audience or the characters.

Butter (2011)
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cute, with some funny moments, 6 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well the trailer makes it look much funnier than it is.. though I did laugh out loud a few times.. "Butter" tries to delve into the area of something like "Best in Show" or "Waiting for Guffman" where people take small-time events and blow their importance WAY out of proportion.

I wish it had been a bit longer to flesh out some of the characters better. LOVED Rob Cordry, who was very low-key compared to his usual roles.. he was great, as was the little girl who played Destiny. I didn't mind her adult speeches, as did some reviewers. She was really sweet.

If the script had been stronger and a bit more wicked with the satire this would be a strong comedy rather than just a decent one.

At least there wasn't a lovable 'man-child' anywhere to be seen (so tired of that branch of humor)

If you like films like I mentioned at the beginning of my review than give it a try, it's not a black comedy as some people said as it never goes very dark at all. Just a soft satire

"Missing" (2012)
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agree with most of the reviews,but it could be worse, 14 April 2012

there are really only two reasons i am watching this, I like Ashley Judd and I live in Prague and that is the home base for shooting this series, so while they do establishing shots of Paris and Rome, many of those scenes were actually shot in Prague, so it's fun to see if I can recognize where they are.

And one of my favorite Czech actors, Karel Roden, is the main bad guy, which is his usual role in American films.

it's a nice time waster with pretty locations but completely unbelievable, Ashley is good as is the guy who plays Dax and of course we have Sean Bean.... the actor who is her son isn't bad either....

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one of the worst films i have seen in a LONG time, 12 November 2011

Okay I wasn't expecting much, really Steampunk elements about 150 years too early!!!! But I was willing to go along with that...but a HORRIBLE script with dreadful dialogue just couldn't be saved. It's a pretty film but poorly directed and really badly edited. Even the fight scenes weren't nearly as exciting as they should have been!!! Orlando Bloom was fun to watch chewing up the scenery, but Christoph Waltz had such bad dialogue even he couldn't save his scenes... WAY WAY too much of the Milady character, and I like Milla, but...

it was just painful to watch and I was very close to walking out of the theatre, something I have NEVER done...

save your time and money and watch either the classic Richard Lester version from 1973 or the 1993 one. Both are good, with the 1973 one being pretty faithful to the novel

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truly amazing, 17 March 2011

First of all the experience of "almost" being there was really unique... the sound in the cinema was up nice and loud so you really FELT the sound like you would in the theatre.... and what a brilliant way for thousands of people to enjoy the performances of the National Theatre....

Okay so now on to the play itself... WOW!!! The set design and staging were wonderful, innovative, with minimalist hints of all the locales... Danny Boyle's direction was inspired and energetic...but the ACTING, well really something to behold...

The premise here is an actor's dream.. the actors switch nightly in playing the roles of Victor and the Creature. This is truly inspired, especially since the characters are each a side of the other. Before the performance there was a short behind-the-scenes film, and Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch talked about how they approached the roles... but seeing is believing.. The performance I saw was with Cumberbatch at the Creature and Miller as Victor Frankenstein.. both were very good, but the show belongs to the Creature... and Cumberbatch was INCREDIBLE! the sheer physical demands of the performance had me tired just watching!! The play really focuses on the Creature's growth from stumbling, grunting "thing" to a fully-formed thinking being. "Frankenstein" is one of my favorite novels and I think I have seen just about every film adaptation, and at least one other stage version. Highly recommended!!!

dark and quirky but a bit ahead of its time, 14 February 2011

really great show, great acting and writing but i think it was just a couple of years too early.. now we have lots of dark and weird shows, and i think the folks at ABC must have thought it was too weird and dark to leave on.. pity as it was long before all the CSI-like shows and Six Feet Under or Crossing Jordan etc.... but fortunately all the main actors have gone on to do great work..

as other mentioned, if you can find the 6 shows, they are well worth watching... great offbeat humor :) -- Chris Meloni is one of my favorite actors and it's nice to see him in this role and he and Melina have really great chemistry.