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Heartwarming!, 12 January 2014

For me, this movie was just what it was supposed to be, sweet, sentimental and very heartwarming. I especially loved the set with the deep rich warm colors. I love Lindy, I think she's a very good actress, she's believable and down to earth in this role. I think she just lights up on screen..she has "smiling eyes"! I thought the chemistry between the two leads was perfect and the supporting cast was just as good. If you're in the mood for a sweet, cheery Christmas movie, then this is for you. Hallmark puts out so many Christmas movies over the holiday season and in my opinion, so many of them miss the mark...but Twelve Trees definitely delivered lots of Christmas cheer- thanks for this one!!

The Christmas Card (2006) (TV)
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My Favorite Christmas Movie, 25 January 2013

Lord knows I'm a sucker for Christmas time and Christmas movies. Each year, I cannot wait until after Thanksgiving so I can begin the ritual of watching Hallmark each night. This movie warms my heart like no other one has. From the scenery at the log cabin, to the Spellman mill, a sleigh ride on a winters night and the singing in the just doesn't get much better than this. This movie made me remember all the happy memories I had when my dad was alive...he loved Christmas and the snow, he couldn't wait to light a fire and relax while listening to Johnny Mathis music. I've watched this movie a dozen times and it never ever gets old...I love it so much so that I ordered it from Walmart and just watched it again on a cold winters day while waiting for a few inches of snow to arrive later on! My only wish is that the producers would have allowed us to see the family together that day eating Christmas dinner, sitting in front of the fire sipping hot chocolate with the Christmas carols in the background...I think they ended the movie without really wrapping it up for US, the viewers. They could have even made a sequel as I'm sure so many people would have loved. I think the actors cast in this movie were spot on... I loved each and every one, especially Ed Asner:) It's not very often a movie this good comes along, I'm so thankful for this one!

Matchmaker Santa (2012) (TV)
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Did Not Care For!, 18 November 2012

I must agree with the poster who spoke about the background music...I have pretty good hearing and I was straining as well. At one point I had the volume all the way up and my husband came in and said....what are you-hard of hearing?? It's so frustrating. I liked the actors chosen for this movie but I found myself getting easily distracted, it did not hold my attention. I normally like Lacey but I thought in this particular movie she seemed moody and just not very upbeat. Of course I will continue to watch Christmas Hallmark movies but they are getting more and more silly. What happened to the movies like The Christmas Card- what a great story and beautiful Christmas scenery and Silver Bells also a great storyline and then there's Fallen Angel. Come on can do much better than this.

Sorry- did not enjoy this movie at all!

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Love Love Love this show!, 2 November 2012

While watching the pilot episode...I must admit, I did turn it off about 15 minutes in but I decided to finish watching it the next day and I'm oh so glad I did. This show is quick witted, different, amusing, quirky and so many other things. This is the show that I most look forward to each week. I'm so tired of XFactor type shows....boring! The Neighbors is so fresh and fun. I love Jamie Gertz...always have, I think she's a fantastic actor and I love the rest of the cast as well and the fact that the neighbors are all named after pro athletes is genius! Give The Neighbors a chance, the comedy moves along quickly so there's no time to get bored. Thanks goodness a program that is not reality TV or a singing competition or something even worse...honey boo boo! Keep the episodes coming, I'm completely hooked!!!

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Will Continue to Watch the Movies but......, 28 October 2012

The first 3 movies were by far the best, they captured a magical whimsical kind of feeling that 4 and 5 just cannot match. The Good Witch's Charm, in my opinion, was the least enjoyable of all. I thought the script was awful...very silly plot line. I missed seeing grandpa George in the last movie and was very happy when I saw his name in the opening credits but they made him out to be kind of a miserable old man, especially when he tells Gwen he does not want to go on vacation...he just says it and then storms out of the garage! I wish they would have given him a better story line than just "feeling old and useless". My biggest issue is.....where the heck is Grey house and why isn't the family living in it..that's where the magic happens, it was a beautiful house in the first 2 movies, I just do not understand why they couldn't keep it in the movie, very very disappointing and Cassie's Bell Book and Candle Shop....the same thing, it was very magical/mysterious in the first movie, the colors were deeper, darker and richer, the shop set they used for this movie does not cut it. I was so looking forward to this next installment but for me, it was a huge let down. I found myself checking my phone for status updates and various other things. This movie was boring. I like Martha's role a lot, she's really funny and I enjoy watching her. To me....the magic is gone:( Sorry.

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A little disappointed, 30 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While I loved the previous 3 installments of this series, I must say, I was bored with The Good Witch's Family. It seems as though the production team chose to cut corners....where were the scenes from The Gray Lady's house (the one that George was taking over)...he wasn't even in this movie or his new girlfriend, how disappointing. The Bell, Book and Candle shop to me...seemed to lose it's charm (too much clutter in the shop)...the movie overall...lost it's charm and warm cozy my opinion.

I do agree with the first reviewer, some of the cast has definitely gained weight....such is life.

Hopefully, if there's a fifth installment, they will recapture the spark that drew me to begin watching!

Even though I wasn't thrilled with The Good Witch's Family, I will continue to watch the new movies as they come out.

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I must agree with the first reviewer, 26 November 2010

As I began to wind down after a very busy thanksgiving day, I turned on the hallmark channel because I love to watch the holiday flicks this time of year. I was excited to find out there was a new movie on "The Town that Christmas Forgot" so I began to watch, well after about the first 15 minutes I found myself saying "I can't believe they actually made a movie like this", it went from bad to absolutely ridiculous in about 20 minutes. This has to be one of the silliest Christmas movies I've ever seen, are they kidding me with this stuff. I honestly was laughing at one point almost feeling embarrassed for lauren holly and the others. My husband didn't even recognize Lauren Holly whom I love, but I'm not sure what she's been doing to her face but it isn't pretty. She was so so's very sad. Anyway, the scene where the young daughter is singing on stage with the young boys was horrible...very silly, in my opinion, all the acting in this movie was borderline atrocious. Unfortunately, this is a Christmas flick to FORGET! Sorry missed your mark with this one:(

12/05/10- After visiting this page again to read some of the other reviews of this movie, I realized that I may have seriously offended the young girl who plays the daughter in the movie and I apologize for that. I don't think it was so much her acting that bothered me but I guess maybe the way the scene was presented to us, I'm sure she's a fine actress and I wish the best for her. I still must stand true to what I said though about the movie overall, I think it was one of the worst holiday flicks I've seen. PS- I did in fact enjoy Stephanie's role!