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Worth watching., 28 September 2012

Another Very well all around executed film for David Ayer. Although predictable, the story is very engaging and relate-able. It also focuses on very deep issues of the Mexican cartel and gang wars but at the same time there is a counter balance of comedy which makes the movie very entertaining. The relationship between officer Taylor and Zavala is developed very strongly and successfully, allowing the viewers to easily connect to the character and submerge in their own personal lives. The realistic part not only comes from Gyllenhaals and Penas ability to nail their roles (they really did) but the mix of first person shots and a few wide angles. The use of these are not like Cloverfield, Battle LA, or Paranormal Activity, the POV shot in this film with their moments parallel the story ( meaning they are fast when in needs to be fast and slow when it calls for it) and also allows the establishment of the setting, which is very hard to do in POV. The variation of shot does not move around to the point that confuses, annoys or bores instead creates a comfortable, entertaining atmosphere. I recommend, its worth watching.

War Horse (2011)
unfortunately not what I expected, 14 June 2012

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The main reasons I watched this film was because of the Oscar nominations and the fact that it was directed by a master of film. Unfortunately I didn't really submerge into the film as much as I wanted to because the film does not allow you too. There is a main plot that branches into five other plots. In other words, one can divide this film into five other films with the same impact. Because of this, the film moves very quickly and does not allow you to really connect to the different,and extraordinary relationship between the horse and another character. Also, there are certain unneeded scenes that are places not as fillers but as tear puller(I guess), which do not really accomplish anything because of the wrong timing and lack of depth. The film does get better and interesting in the middle, mostly because I really enjoyed Saving Private Ryan and Spirit, and the film really reflects similar scenes from both films and I did not mind. I did enjoy certain techniques used in the film like the color and shades (lighting) of the film, which were very well executed. Also the score was interesting. I'm not going to say its a disappointment but I expected more.

Dragonfly (2002)
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Interesting and fun!!, 31 May 2012

I did not expect such a deep, concrete and technically sharp filmed film from Tom Shadyac, although I'm a great fan. Kevin Costner's interpretation of the character development of Dr. Joe is incredible. The suspense, thrill, drama and romance combination of genre Keeps the viewer at the edge of the seat, although there are a few scenes not needed but do not affect the film as a whole. The camera work as well as the lighting and score of the film, helps the viewer submerge into the emotions of the film really easy, and creates a roller coaster of emotions with an extraordinary ending. The theme of the film is very interesting and leaves thoughts in one's mind. Over all the film was enjoyable and recommendable.

The Raven (2012/I)
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Liked but below expectations, 30 April 2012

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Great and interesting concept but a little below my expectations. I admire Poe's writing and biography yet this film did not abide by it. Edgar Allan Poe( who suffered loss of loved ones, loneliness and depression)did not reflect completely on John Cusack's interpretation of the role. In the film The character was half drunk, did criticized but there was a "humorous vibe" that threw me off pertaining to the Horror and thriller genre and Poe's personality. There was no moment in the film where the tormented, bipolar and dark Poe appeared. Also the movie did not make me think in the sense that every time they found a crime the film immediately pointed out the story or poem, as a matter of fact it only took the first crime for the Detective to figure out that the murder was a reenactment of Poe's story, but according to the film itself Poe was not famous or even recognized. I did enjoy the relationship between Poe and Fields, It was interesting in the sense of the change from suspect to friend, from untrusted to relying on each other.Also the art direction and Costume design. The ball where "The mask of the red Death" was depicted was impressive and very detailed as well as Poe's town and the killers "lair." The movie is visually striking, emulating historical costumes and setting, but the story lack consistency. It was a wonderful and thoughtful ending to a defective and lacking plot due to failures in character developments ( not counting detective fields). Like previous reviews on this film I would compare it to Sherlock Holmes, but I would of rather it parallel with Se7en directed by David Fincher, it had the potential.