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Films i have seen that were released in 2011 in order of awesomeness! (or not so awesome!)

Note: all films were released in the UK in 2011.

My aim is obviously to watch as many of this years films as possibly, but by doing so i want to include a vast range i.e. American blockbusters, generic horrors, European cinema and documentary filmmaking. But there will always be films that slip past my radar, so please recommend any film you think i should watch and add to the list.

2011 has now passed but i have many titles still to watch and will still be adding over the next few months, then i will add a 2012 list.
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In order of personal preference.

Not including Disaster or Alien invasion movies.
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This is a list of films i watched and studied during my time at university between 2004-07. I have compiled this list personally to remember what i studied but also as recommendations to anyone studying Film (or wishing to search for great movies to watch!). I have briefly stated the topic i was studying within each film. In order of release year.
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In order of personal preference.