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Always (2011)
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Excellent Drama for true love, 10 September 2012

OK, it is easy to guess the story but I must admit that it is very good directed. The actors are terrific in performance and appearance. Ji-Sub So is very handsome (his face is one of the prettiest Korean faces I have ever seen combining good looking with deep voice and attractive sportive image) and his acting is pretty good, specifically at the end. Jeong-hwa is the sweetest girl I have ever seen in Korean movies and her performance is excellent as well. I thinks she has a big future as an actress. The directions is very touching and manages to describe the depth of the characters. I am a 33-year-old-cynic female pig but I cried because of the movie.

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Disappointment, stay away!, 2 July 2012

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I admit that I had great expectations. Instead, I watched a film that could not impress me, even though it has some good elements. Photography is excellent (I still remember the small conversation between Paul and Stephen behind the huge American flag). Direction is not special but does not push you away and does make you want to stay until the end. The very good performance of Mr. Hoffman is the peak of the film. The performances of Ryan Gosling and George Clooney are shameful... Mr. Gosling manages to make the audience hate his role character rather than find him nice. He cannot express the role, his coldness is unbelievably not suitable for it. Mr. Clooney's performance is actually not a performance: he only can play one role, and he does play it every time at any movie carrying his name. But still, he cannot be considered as a capable actor.

Furthermore, the plot is not a big surprise. At the beginning you are attracted to the idea that a big scandal is covered and everything is gonna explode. But it is just...a Monica Lewinski-like story: another sex scandal. OK, it is not right for a man to treat women like that but...almost everyone has non-marital relationships. Big deal. Do Americans expect that their politicians is God or something?? I do not think so. In conclusion: If you want to watch a hard political thriller, stay away.

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A metaphor for the anxiety of possession., 22 June 2012

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A work of art does not need to be explained after explanations of its creator concerning the common people and for commercial purposes. The film is something more than a film about depression. It is a testament about the possession and about anxiety and misery that possession causes to regular settled-down people.

The illness and life of Justine who has lost everything (husband, job, mental health) opposites Claire's extreme wealth and healthy family life. The peak of her illness comes when Claire tries to bath her (a scene that could not be missed from the film and have been wisely put in by Trier). You feel sad about Justine's situation. Under such extreme difficult circumstances (the violent end of world), everything is changing though. What is considered to be a curse for Justine, turns to be salvation. What is considered to be a blessing for Claire, turns to be the reason of fear and sadness. The loss of possessing is the reason why Claire is suffering at the end. Justine has nothing to lose and at the same time she has only compassion to offer, the only thing she is actually able to offer. And she does: plays with the child and build a suitable place to die. The fact that Justine owns nothing is the reason why she stays calm and accepts her destiny without hysterical behavior. She fits the new environment...perfectly.

I hardly remember another film since 2009 making me feel so much. Thank you Mrs. Trier!

Wanderlust (2012)
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Jennifer, stop making movies!!!, 14 June 2012

I hated the movie. It was wasting my time watching stoned people having boring parties and boring conversations. Annistons performance(?) was awful. She is not fresh anymore. She was badly pretending to ...act! I hardly remember another worse performance. She must give up making movies (she does not act anyway). After 30 minutes I walked out!!! I could not believe in my eyes... I saw the movie in a sneak preview yesterday in Berlin, so I didn't know what I supposed to see. Otherwise, I would have definitely not chosen it for ruining my evening. I want my money back, I am really angry with those who showed me a really bad movie!!! Do not make the mistake to give your precious money to that ...thing!!! That was comedy or something?? I couldn't get it!