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"Da Mob" (2001)
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Best cartoons of 2001, 9 January 2007

Originally shown on The Family Channel or ABC Family back in 2001, Da Mob was a take at Jamie Kennedy's slight obsessions with white wanna-be rappers in this hilarious cartoon. Kennedy, the voice of the main rapper of the group named Rooster, aptly named for his red mohawk resembling the crest of a rooster. The other two members, a roundish boy who was the beatbox and a vain Norweigian blonde guy who didn't seem to do too much. Rooster was really the only one out of the group that cared about "Da Mob" being popular. One of the best scenes of the series was when Rooster was becoming skeptical of ever having success. He goes into the bathroom where Tupac appears in the mirror and tells Rooster how terrible he is which leads Rooster to gain more confidence. I don't know how this show has gotten lost in the shuffle of great strange cartoons. I would love to see this on DVD one day.

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What film was created for..., 25 April 2006

For those not initiated in the BG Fanclub, Baby Geniuses is one of the best movies ever filmed since the invention of motion pictures. Shunned by certain members of the Academy in 1999, Baby Geniuses failed to be nominated for any Oscars due to too many dried up, haggard, pro-choice members who were terrified of the children in this film. Otherwise, this movie would have been awarded the highest honors for its superb acting, special effects, direction, and choreography. "Puttin' on the Ritz" anyone? One day, like Citizen Kane, this movie will be respected for the absolute genius it is and take its place as best movie ever. Suck on that, Ebert.

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One of the best anime ever made., 9 June 2003

I first heard of Kareshi Kanojo no Jijoo when I was looking at Gainax's website after watching the Neon Genesis Evangelion series. It was their next big project after Neon Genesis and after being blown away with that series, I had to see about this next one.

I instantly fell in love with the series, watching it completely through until its sad first and last season run. I felt a bit empty after watching the series and ending with too many open ends. The manga cheered me up, though, buying every tankoubon of the series for only 3 bucks a piece.

There are summaries about the series already, so let me just make my statement on why I fell in love with the series.

It didn't base itself off of the never-obtaining-love plots that saturate American TV shows, such as Gilmore Girls, Friends, Good Morning, Miami, etc. The show gives wonderful depth as to first loves and how relationships build, rather than collapse, like most shows.

My fiance and I enjoyed sitting down and watching this series together because of its honesty and cuteness. Watching the warmth of a first kiss, the first time one holds hands... its very endearing.

I would recommend this to those Shoujo lovers out there, but I would say stay away to fanboys.

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One giant McDonald's commercial., 3 June 2003

I have seen this movie twice now and I have to post my opinions as to why this movie is crap in terms of writing, directing, and editing... possibly even casting.

"Bye Bye, Love" stars the TV star, Paul Reiser, as a guy who divorced his wife for reasons we never really know... and he is still in love with her. Matthew Modine plays an always smiling (never acting) "charmer." Randy Quaid plays another odd character that never is well developed because the movie has too many plots and characters to really focus on anyone in particular.

One thing that sickens me about this movie is how much blatant advertising is done within it. Off the top of my head, I remember Kettle Chips, Minute Maid, and last and certainly not least, McDonald's. I bet MickeyD's patroned the entire movie, to show that divorcees should meet there every weekend to trade their kids, seeing as the divorce rate in America is over 50% of all married couples. What a demographic to hit for! I never heard of people meeting at fast food restaurants to exchange their kids for the weekend before this.

Next thing, Eliza Dushku hitting on the guy who works at McDonalds? How realistic is that? Yes, I realize all of you Buffy fans that she is "Faith" but it doesn't make up for the fact that her character was undeveloped and weak. For example, when she gets drunk and screams at her father and says all of that typical "i broke up the marriage" crap... where did any of that come from? We are given no clues as to why she's angry except for Reiser's "that age between 13 and 36" quote.

The chronology in this movie was hard to follow, too, because most of the scenes played independent to the others, while going back and forth between the 40 stories going on. The music montages added to the story, making it even worse than it already was. The lovely "wrap-up" at the end really made the story feel like it ended at a very awkward place. The climax was very... semi-climatic. Quaid's character is a rollercoaster of uncertainty. He's not a dynamic character... he's a schiz. So is his lovely date, Garafolo.

This movie doesn't give insight as to what men are going through after a divorce... it gives what women want men to be like. I would only recommend this movie to people who want to be brainwashed by Dr. Laura-esque psychology and the mesmers at McDonalds.

Party Girl (1995)
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A trip back to the early rave days., 3 June 2003

"Party Girl" is one of my all time favorite movies. The movie portrayed early 90's raving very well. Raves became distorted in later movies and television shows trying to depict that era of clubbing. The only show I can think of at the moment is "Saved by the Bell: The College Years" where Zack, wearing all plaid, has an idea to have a rave on campus, decked out with black lights, horrible music, and "whip-its."

"Party Girl" set itself apart from these stereotypical rave-umentaries by showing how raves (true raves) were not glow-stick, lolly-sucking teenage rebellion-fests. Posey, showing style and attitude, portrayed an over-the-top character who isn't necessarily perfect, but plays her part well. The movie isn't all about drugs, like other genre movies such as "Playing Mona Lisa." Posey played a girl that I know many of.

The movie epitomized the early 90's rave era. Watch this movie at least once just for Posey's performance.

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Complete work of the devil., 3 June 2003

My fiance and I watched the little trailer for this despicable movie the other night on some movie channel. We figured we'd watch it since nothing else was on and I'm glad I did.

"Coming Soon" is possibly one of the worst movies ever made. I usually save words like those for movies like, "Fear Dot Com," but I was truly sickened by what was written and portrayed in this movie. Because I couldn't find the writer/director's home address, I figured this is the next best forum to voice my disgust with this movie.

"Coming Soon" stars a cast of whining 20-somethings as high school seniors. They all come from rich families, they go to private schools, they have drivers, they're models and get into Harvard... so from the beginning we know this is a fantasy movie, right? The subject of the movie tries to focus on how teenage girls learn to orgasm. It sounds more like an episode of "Sex and the City" to me. So we're basically dealing with a topic that pertains more so to older women.

But what happens when these younger girls, who the movie is aimed towards, watch this movie? The writer idolizes the main character (somehow she's smart but never studies, has a "cool" name, Stream, and has similar problems of boyfriends being jerks in high school) so girls around that age will sympathise with Stream. What happens, though, is they are introduced by other things, such as smoking all the time, drinking all the time, going to clubs while still underage, and having pre-marital sex with someone she really doesn't like. She develops a thing for the quirky (not actually quirky but the movie portrays it that way since everyone else's norm is stuck-up rich kid) MTV video star Ryan Reynolds... a favorite of mine from Nickelodeon's Canadian Drama "Fifteen." Don't we all remember those guys we knew in high school who had a crappy band that made it to MTV while still in high school?

The movie goes between this fantasy world and real world too much, and seems like it was made to encourage underage everything. I'm ashamed that this movie was ever made, not because of its topic of female orgasm, but because of its morally degenerative story.