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Best films of 2013 ranked from best to least.
Bare in mind, I can only rank what I've seen.
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If you write sci-fi then please look to these films as your bible. This list will be changed and changed over time.
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You will see a lot of 1s and a lot of 10s on this list. Mainly because Marvel movies are somewhat inconsistent in terms of quality, it's usually bad, but there are also around 13 good ones, of those 6 are tens! So just don't be shocked, I felt the scores were all deserved.

Oh also, I only rated the ones I've seen. Some I haven't and don't plan to.

However I do plan on seeing the following and will make additions to this list as whenever a new Marvel film comes out.

Iron Man 3 (2013)
Thor 2 (2013)
Captain America 2 (2014)
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)
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What's a film without a great director? Well here are all the directors who I think have films worth watching. Sure not all of these people's films are great (well okay, a few) but they all have at least one masterpiece under their belt.
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In order of quality.
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The best of the best documentaries.
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A long list of every single film you absolutely must watch before you kick the bucket. This list does not necessarily take quality into account, just whether or not I feel it's a necessary viewing experience to take in before your life ends.
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In my opinion, the best year for movies ever!
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This is in NO ORDER!!

Tell me if there's anything I missed.

Just because it's worth a watch doesn't make it good.
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This is in no order.
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My personal favorite documentaries. Please feel free to suggest. Oh and if you suggest either "2016: Obama's America" or anything relating to Loose Change then I'll show up at your house and stab you in the forehead.