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underrated-unpopular-action that you're missing out on! Those are some really good action movies that go unnoticed. Give them a try you'll thank me later.

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There are thousands of creature-feature titles out there but there are quiet a few that you end up watching and feel disappointing about it. Not only does it let you down but it also strips you away of the passion of the subject matter. This list will save you the time and pain from falling prey to such horrid titles. My whole aim to make this list is that the fans of the subject have options to choose from that are good -- or atleast a decent watch. I request you not to wander around and give certain movies a chance just to catch a few cheap effects.

Now most of these movies might be the popular ones but there are those that might not be heard of or very famous titles but better in a lot of ways. Just hit the 'sort by' least number of votes.

P.S. I will keep updating this list as I go by old and new films.
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Movies based on survival , fight against nature,zombies,aliens,creatures etc. What would you do if you were in such a situation?