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This is my personal list of celebrities who passed away long before their hour and still had a lot to give.
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This is my personal list of the movies which I haven't seen yet, which I'm interested in.
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By "time-machine" beauties I mean the most attractive and sexiest women from the past. Many of these women are now elderly or getting elderly. Some of them are dead. Some others are from my generation (therefore still young) but don't look too good now. Some others I don't know what they look like now, because they haven't been seen in a long time. And some others, while already having some age, are still very attractive, so I haven't included them in this list yet, but they will be part of it in the future.
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I'd like to see more movies with the following actors:
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This is my personal list of directors whose filmography I'd like to watch.
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This is my own list of celebrities whom I have, or had at some time in my life, a crush on.
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Movies, shorts and TV shows that I used to watch over and over in my childhood.