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"Nathalie" brims with warmth, touches your heart without warning, 24 July 2007

"Nathalie" proves that the French filmmakers are masters when it comes to examining sentimental human relationships. Now I know how hard marriages are to manage, how complicated it is. I've always admired the "honesty" of the system of IMDb, but the ratings they've given this film does it no justice at all. Can hardly believe that so few people have appreciated it.

Emanuelle Béart is so beautiful, sexy, erotic, malicious; she is perfect for this role - the sadness behind her quiet, observant, etching eyes. Géard Depardieu did a wonderful job portraying his charming character. He must be more than 50 years old, yet, by the end of the film, even I have fallen for his charm. Fanny Ardant fitted into her goody housewife role, most of all was her chemistry with Béart, full of warmth.

The full-on English soundtracks throughout the movie suits the movie well, and I am planning on adding them to my collections. A little before Béart, Depardieu and Ardant were supposed to have the fateful meeting at the diner together, I did expect it coming, shortly before Ardant and Depardieu's exchange at breakfast, before Ardant and Béart's conversation at Nathalie's apartment. However, I was still not sure; when it was revealed, I cried. I am extremely touched by this heartwarming film.

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NEVER neglect them!, 14 June 2007

Great movie, action-packed adventure. Like Lemony Snicket's series of Unfortunate events, they put what was probably meant for the introducing credits at the end of the movie. Though this time around, they did it right, otherwise, it might have ruined the movie for some viewers a little bit.

The plot was carried out perfectly. This is like a roller-coaster ride that keeps you at the edge of your seat for every SECOND of the movie, and by the end you are thirsting for more, just quite dissatisfied that it has ended so briefly. I've gotta say, I was taken aback by the ratings viewers have put on for this movie, it definitely deserves to be one of IMDb's top 250 movies.

The director was very clever in tricking the audience into each emotional viewpoint that eventually leads to the final twist of the story. Fortunately, each character gains their redemption along the way before this final twist is reached.

My favorite line in this movie is Farmiga's description for young Mr. Bright's character: "this pale little kid, who never smiles." Well, along those lines, I can't quite remember. This line really pays off when we are awarded with the honey-melting reaction from Bright in the diner when he's sitting with Walker.

You will really love the development between each character, how they become to understand each other, and all this brought by Neuberger and Bright's unconventional devotion to another out of their purity, their simple innocence.

Bravo to the amazing director, Kramer, who created this masterpiece of movie. He has made a thrilling movie while incorporating his obvious love in life into it-the kids, the little children, you must always love them and cherish them. They are the important ones in this world. NEVER NEGLECT THEM!

Breach (2007)
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More than just a spy story., 14 June 2007

This was a good spy story, but since it is based on real events which have already happened and we already know how it's going to end up, it is good that Breach is also more than just a spy story.

The pacing flows very well. We're brought along into the story with O'Neill, who's a "confident, bordering on cocky" agent who is doing it all for the promotion. As he realizes there is more to behind the case than just sexual perversion, his life, his morals and his beliefs are forced to be questioned as he struggles with the investigation of his Boss, of his Sir.

As we reach to the end of the movie towards an obvious fate, we learn much about the dark corners of life, how easily we can all fall when we choose to only blame others, when we choose to only remember the bad aspects of our lives.

The end scene was absolutely perfect for this movie, I loved both characters in the movie-O'Neill AND Hanssen. Hanssen was someone who had lost all direction in his life. On the contrary, O'Neill was someone who was trying to find his. O'Neill thinks he is on the right track, that is, until he meets Hanssen. It is here, that he sees a broken example of how he could become with the kind of goal he had in his mind.

Chris Cooper played his part as the pathetic Hanssen flawlessly. I'm not sure if the real Hanssen was as "real" as how Chris Cooper had portrayed him. Chris Cooper understood this character like the "back of his hand", I'm not sure if Hanssen had as much layers to him as Cooper had made him to be in the movie. Yet, it must be necessary, because the way Cooper had played out this character, it left me feeling for Hanssen, sympathizing him all throughout the whole movie and for a very long time after I left it. To summarize it, I saw him as well O'Neill had saw him in his investigation, every second O'Neill spent with Hanssen, I was behind O'Neill's eyes, feeling O'Neill's emotions that led him to his decision at the end of the movie.

Ryan Phillippe is not to be underestimated either. He played out his part as O'Neill very well too. This is not easy, as O'Neill is someone who goes through an extraordinary amount of transformations in his character, in his morals, not to mention in a very short time span. We have to understand his struggles. As much as he had to do his JOB, he was also suffering with what he was doing to Hanssen because during this time, O'Neill is the only one who understands what led Hanssen to this downfall in moral character.

I don't know much about music, but the piano symphonies in the background was excellent in carrying out the emotions at certain points in the movie. I especially liked the last one which ended the movie. I recommend this movie to everyone, and you don't have to be an American to view it. Despite all the repeated "patriotisms" echoed in the lines, I feel that it was only there to contrast Hanssen's doings. Hope I don't get criticized for sympathizing with Hanssen, but it must be excusable because the way Chris Cooper had portrayed him just FORCED me feeling for this character. Sorry if this review is too long but I really loved this movie. =p

300 (2006)
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wooooottt! the glory!, 2 May 2007

I personally think this movie was made to GLORIFY how wonderful war is just so that George Bush can get his dollars to fatten his piggy bank. I was SLIGHTly irritated with the underlying Americanism and Bush's war propaganda. What with all the specific racial groups that were selected to be conveniently villainous, utterly evil, and easily detestable. Not to mention the constant re-emphasis of the NECESSITIES of war, that without it, liberty be lost, everyone would be slaves.

That having said, this movie can be enjoyed for its excitement, its action-packed fighting sequences. The best part of the movie was the honour and moving loyalty between the soldiers to each other even as they know they're advancing towards death. The sexy, ruthless, unpredictable wife of the King is also a nice addition. Just don't eat up the war propaganda it's feeding you.

Priceless (2006)
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great acting, suspense, easy humour, perfect french romance!, 6 March 2007

I loved this movie. The cast was well acted, the relationships kept me at the edge of my seat as there were always suspense and thrills with every single relationship and this includes the spotlight characters. Every actor's facial expressions, not outcasting the supporting roles were so well acted that every one had me guessing, worrying the conditions of the relationships every second.

This is a great break away from Hollywood comedies/romance movies these days and it gives me great relief that great films like this still exists! So, if you've gotten used to movies filled with senseless sex, random nudity-all the ingredients of these days' plot less "romantic teen comedies", you wouldn't like this movie.

That having said, loved Audrey Tatou's acting-AS ALWAYS. She made me hate her guts in the beginning, then sympathize with her, feel happy for her, as she discovers and attempts to claim her love.

I've just been introduced to Gad and truthfully, I was really not looking forward to seeing him in it because he looks too skinny, his features too pointedly brought together to be instantly attractive for a romantic role like this. And, this is the case in the beginning. However, he surprises me as time progresses-and I unconsciously got sucked into his talented, fabulous acting. Now all I can see is a foxy, sexy guy with a lot of wits who can melt any female in a second.

Overall this is a great film about relationships, discovery, interaction between realistic people, human values that are often taken for granted and forgotten these days, altogether stringed with sweet icings of hysterical laughters from easy humour, not to mention loveeee and romannceee!!