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A superb adaption from Mary Shelley's book..., 25 November 2003

I think totally the opposite to the user who left a comment above (apart from the bit about Robert De Niro's rear - is it really his in the film?? lol). I really think the film is wonderful and possibly the best film version of the book. A great cast with some fine British actors (Ian Holm, Richard Briers, John Cleese and of course Kenneth Branaugh). They all play their characters extremely well although John Cleese and Richard Briers are hardly recognisable under the costumes (I had to check the cast lists). The film shows a lot of blood and guts but hey! Frankenstein is meant to chop up bits of people! Messy yes but definately not boring. The ending is also really sad :( Lots of stuff to see and not too long a film so I RECOMMEND THIS ONE FOR YOU!!!!!!! If I had to sum up this movie in two words:

"It's alive...!"