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Space Jam (1996)
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Family entertainment with the Loony Tunes, Michael Jordan and Bill Murray!!!!!!, 26 October 2003

A nice family film but really, it's bringing back the Loony Tunes characters in a more modern field and letting the fact that Michael Jordan with them will make Jordan fans want to see this.

But the Loony tunes still got it, Daffy Duck's as stupid as ever, Bugs Bunny still thinking he's so great and the new arrival of Babs Bunny does make you think of the new Minnie Mouse for Bugs Bunny. Wayne Knight's good, Bill Murray funny and Michael Jordan....well, his acting's not too bad till he arrived in the Loony tune land.

So a good film to watch with kids and eat popcorn.

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A movie ain't good when the only good bits are the action and stunt scenes, 23 October 2003

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I love Jackie Chan, I really do, but you can't just make a movie with great fight scenes, stunts and explosions and everything else about the movie is poor!

What was the point of him being a TV chef? What was the point of Jackie's fellow chef talking about Jackie's background in the dinner scene? That Redhead that got Jackie into this whole thing, did she have a point in the rest of the film? Did she need to be in her underwear in that scene? What was the point......OK you get my point.

It's just that it needed to be smarter and not brainless. That bad guy wasn't tough enough. Needed a better ending (Jackie doesn't even kiss his "girlfriend" and it just cut straight to the outtakes!)

I would only recommend this to Jackie Chan fans. But for everyone else, you really shouldn't bother.

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All it is is music performances and a chart rundown, 19 October 2003

I tend to switch over when someone rubbish plays. But when someone good plays, I watch. I find the presenters quite annoying, they need comedians like Johnny Vegas not Fearne Cotton! And it's such a BBC programme, it bigs up Lame Academy!

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I'm not a trekkie but...., 19 October 2003

....this is all right. Got nice funny characters, storylines and different from the other Star trek serieses. Scott Bakula makes a good captain (so bialantly obvious he's lonely with that dog) and you know T'Pol is eye candy but she's funny (people with no emotions usually are). Has some great episodes, some a little bad but all right.

"Friends" (1994)
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What keeps an unoriginal programme going?, 19 October 2003

Probably how funny the programme is! 6 different people all living in New York, I could think of that! But the characters are great and the situations they get into are pretty hilarious. Chandler is the funniest and is always sarcastic. Joey is lovable, Phoebe is a dumb blonde who believes in spiritual things and that's a pretty fun character to have. Monica is very obsessive and clean (these days, someone who is like this is called a Monica), Ross is quite funny when he has his moments on how camp and nerdy he is and Rachel........well, OK, 5 great characters. Fun show, impressive guests, great situations, so sad to see it go!

People shouldn't really put this down because it's a sequel, 19 October 2003

OK, it's not as good as the first one but it's good. Now we know what the Matrix is all about (as we had to watch the first one again and again to get it), it's now all about saving Zion. The cool characters are still here and some new ones are pretty cool and funny too. And like the first one, there's some stuff in here you won't quite get until someone else explains it to you, just like the first one!

Cool effects (come on, the lorry crash scene was wicked), a little romance and confusing plot. It's the Matrix all over again!

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When Saturday night TV was plagued with Dale Winton's quizzes and Denis Norden's laughter files, Ant and Dec saved the day, 18 October 2003

Ant and Dec have created another SM:TV Live for evenings! Good competitions, guests (well, debatable when they get people from Reborn in the USA, Coronation street and other ITV programmes) and bits of shows. Great evening TV does it again!

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All right but......, 18 October 2003

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It's in serious need of character development. Jaime King's character only appeared in a few scenes and all a sudden she's one of the monks guarding the scroll? Who was that monk exactly betraying the other monks? That guy who was holding Seann William Scott's hand? Not developed.

I just thought all this film cared about was the relationship between Chow Yun-Fat and Seann William Scott and long action scenes other than anything else.

Seann William Scott was disappointing. I thought "Oh, the guy who played Stifler in American pie, this should be funny" but no, he was too boring and Chow Yun-Fat got more laughs than him. Also the British stereotypes and annoying grand-daughter of wrinkly Nazi?

Having said that, it's all right. But I suggested renting not buying.

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It was a great children's programme till Ant and Dec left, 18 October 2003

Ah, the good old days. Wonkey Donkey, Challenge Ant, Chums! Ant, Dec and Cat were the best. Ant and Dec leave, who do you get? Some bloke from Hollyoaks who got fired, frigging H and Claire from Steps and presenters you would forget about anyway. Brian Dowling was all right then he left. And losing Chums, their best sketches was a big mistake.

So thank you, Ant and Dec, SM:TV will be a great children's programme. From when it started till you left.

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No, Spice girls, no, 17 October 2003

Only the Beatles can get away with doing good movies. The Spice girls deserved that Razzie award, could they BE Steven Seagal if he was a British woman?

Impressive cameos (Roger Moore, Meat Loaf, Bob Hoskins) and not-impressive (Neil Fox). It's terrible, it tried to be a Hard day's night, it's not.

Awful, crap, I could go on forever.

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