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new jersey turnpikes, what really happened
13 November 2010
What really happened with the movie.... I was an extra in the movie and I know the owner of the talent agency Stone Wall in Hamilton, well anyway she told me that Kelsey Grammar didn't like the movie after it was completed and bought the rights to it and destroyed it, this is why the movie was never released. The movie may have been shot in more than one coliseum, because the scene I was in was shot inside Copps Coliseum in Hamilton. I was devastated by the news because I was only 13 and it was a school thing some of the lucky kids got to do. we were only supposed to stay until 3:00 pm, but myself and some friends managed to stay until 11:00pm I got into SO much trouble and for what LOL another funny part was a fat naked man ran through the middle of the arena with police chasing behind him which completely shocked us because we were only 13 years old. I thought it was part of the movie but later learned it wasn't.
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