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With the stuff going on in real life, this episode hits close to home, 10 February 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Video surfaces of Jamie appearing to commit police brutality at a demonstration when he knocks down a biker who would've otherwise hit some other assembled gatherers. Subsequently, Frank's battles with the Rev. Potter return to the spotlight.

Part of me thinks that the plot of the episode was written as the Blue Bloods answer to documenting the issues that have been brought up by the Black Lives Matter protests in real life.

The result of this is an episode that seems fairly realistic, highlighting the amount of distrust that the black communities and the police are dealing with, and the cause of the movement. All in all, it makes a pretty entertaining episode.

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A great wedding, 15 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one of the better episodes of the series.

In it, we have essentially two different plots: the first plot is Stottlemeyer's impending marriage to his girlfriend T.K. Jensen, which is being ruined by some mysterious stalker. In the other plot, Monk investigates the murder of a man who was shot once and then burned.

That being said, I had some pros and cons about this episode: Cons: 1. The episode could have focused more on the murder than on the marriage. Having Monk at the crime scene and making deductions would have been fine for me.

Pros: The episode is riddled with so much great humor that you wonder how they packed it all into the course of a 45 minute episode:

1. Monk tells T.K. out loud the things he's noticed that make him figure that Stottlemeyer is planning to propose to her. Everyone tries to hide it as Stottlemeyer comes out, but he immediately wonders why everyone is crying.

2. Monk promises to Stottlemeyer to be the best best man a best man could possibly be (tongue twister). He also promises that he won't lose the ring and Stottlemeyer tells him that he's probably bending it by clamping it in a fist.

3. Disher notes that the only thing they know about a murder victim is that he was flammable.

4. Disher plans to take Monk's new clues to the lab and Stottlemeyer tells him that they're already in the lab.

5. Monk's bachelor party was hilarious all the way through! I could not stop laughing there! First, he's ordered pizza that has nothing on it (not even cheese or sauce!), and secondly, the bathroom is taken up by a port-a-potty.

6. Monk's choice of entertainment: Bachelor Party ("Shocking, Shameful, Sinful, And the Party Hasn't Even Begun Yet").

7. Monk breaks out the beers and Stottlemeyer realizes that they have a situation - there are 12 beers and with each being 12 ounces. That's enough beer that each of them is bound to get a little sleepy, or enough that one of them can get good and polluted. Disher becomes the Designated Drunk for the night.

8. Disher asks the cops at the bachelor party if any of them own the Ford Crown Victoria police unit parked out front - specifically, the one that is painted a charcoal gray with flames on the roof and on the windshield. Everyone runs out and find Stottlemeyer's car on fire.

9. The entire bit with the floral soulmates at the flower shop was a riot. Matching Monk to a plastic flower is just pathetically funny. Monk saying "I like it" makes it even twice as funny.

10. Natalie tells Monk that T.K.'s father should be walking his daughter down the aisle at the wedding rehearsal.

11. Stottlemeyer disarms the culprit by tricking her into firing the last round in the chamber of her gun.

12. Stottlemeyer has his way of a simple beach wedding.

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Clever, funny, and brilliant!, 5 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Those are as few words as I can sum this episode up in.

We start the episode by watching as sports agent Rob Sherman kills his wife and makes it look like she was killed by Dewey Jordan, a career criminal who has had several arrests for bad checks, drugs, and burglaries. Adrian Monk is soon on the investigation, and quickly pokes holes in the cover story that Sherman tells the police. Meanwhile, Natalie's daughter Julie is having a troubled love life, and these troubles are tied with the murder case - at least, we know that when we see Julie's new boyfriend contact Sherman's girlfriend.

Cons: 1. The murder could have probably been a lot more clever, and result in Monk having to do a lot more digging to find the holes in Sherman's story.

2. I'm pretty sure that Stottlemeyer and Disher could have been given some more scenes.

Pros: 1. The scene where Monk talks to Julie about her love life and how her dreams don't have to come true overnight is a very powerful, and very touching scene, representing true character development. I actually developed some tears watching this scene as he talks about what it was like to fall in love with Trudy every day.

2. There is an awful lot of good humor in the episode. Some of these moments were so funny that I couldn't resist bursting into laughter:

1. Dewey Jordan notices Sherman conjure a gun. Sherman says that it's Dewey's gun. He pulls out another one, which he says is his. This one, he says, is the one he's going to use to kill the intruder - just as Dewey realizes what Sherman means by "intruder", Sherman shoots and kills him.

2. Monk tries to explain some logic about why Sherman's lockbox is closed to Disher, noting that if he heard his wife screaming, he'd not close the box - Disher says he's not married.

3. Monk and Natalie are at the morgue, trying to intercept Sherman. Monk starts to reorganize the urns on the table, and soon there is a small cat fight as they each try to re-match the urns up with their name tags, and one of them falls over. They scramble to put the ashes back into the urns, and Monk actually tries to even one of them out by pouring some ashes into another urn! Natalie says "Those are people, maybe they weren't the same size." Monk replies, "Well they are now." Purely funny! Reminds me of one of the 'Monk' webisodes where Monk altered a blood test so that both a husband and a wife were declared pregnant.

4. During his "talk" with Julie about love, Monk tries to get Julie to play along as Natalie is outside listening through the door.

5. Disher shows Stottlemeyer a security tape that proves that Sherman and Dewey Jordan did meet at the courthouse. Stottlemeyer can't see anything, and Randy starts marking on the TV with a marker. Stottlemeyer points out that he just circled two blurs who are for blurs very blurry, claiming that it could be Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers (both of whom are dead). He then asks Randy if he just used a permanent marker, and Randy denies it until Stottlemeyer tries to wipe the marks off the screen without success. He says to Randy that he's obviously "worse than Monk."

6. Monk attempts to cross a moving bumper car floor while chasing Sherman through an amusement park. It's funny, even though in reality, I don't think they would start the ride until people had cleared the ride area.

7. As Stottlemeyer and Disher admire the incriminating photograph of Sherman, Disher says he put the photo on a mug as well. When asked why, he says "Well, I figure the jury might appreciate it. They're human, they get thirsty. 'Exhibit A. Thank you very much.'" (pretends to take a sip) "Mmmmm, *guilty*."

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This part was pretty good, 17 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Stottlemeyer has helped Monk fake his death. Now Monk must go into hiding until they can find a way to clear his name of the charges that have been laid against him. So Monk disguises himself as a car wash employee in Nevada.

This episode has several highly emotional moments, including Natalie realizing that Monk is alive, and when she finds Monk at the car wash. And it also represents improvement for Monk, as he knows he has to get over a lot of phobias just to maintain his cover. And this part also is suspenseful, especially as we see the gang try to foil an assassination plot on the governor (though I always wondered something during the episode: if Monk had figured that someone was going to kill the governor, he should have gone to the FBI, even though technically he was a wanted man, and he could have easily cut a deal).

Of course, sometimes, I always thought that if Monk were going into hiding, he'd want to be as far out of California as he could, possibly hiding in the Midwest or the Northeast. And it also would have made more sense that Natalie and Randy would also be aware that Monk was alive.

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Monk confronts his childhood nemesis, 15 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Would you feel uneasy about meeting a childhood bully you haven't seen in 35 years? Then you know that that's how Monk feels about speaking to Roderick Brody, whom gave Monk "swirlies" every day for several years in school.

And why has Roderick contacted Monk? He thinks his wife Marilyn might be stepping out on him, and he'd like to be reassured that he wasn't imagining things.

Monk is too eager to get revenge on Roderick, and he offers to take the matrimonial case. When the person Monk has seen with "Marilyn" is murdered, Monk is too eager to accuse Roderick of the crime, and Marilyn seems to confirm that story. But when Monk quickly finds several holes in Marilyn's story of the events of the night of the murder, he quickly figures that there is a murder plot in the making.


1. No offense, but I would have been okay if they'd shown the murder taking place.

2. I think Monk's desire to exact revenge on Roderick could have been toned down a little bit.


The episode has a nice amount of humor, and although the mystery is a little bit corny, at least the good work of the actors makes up for it. I do believe that Tony Shalhoub and Traylor Howard have very excellent performances in this episode. It is nice to have an episode where Natalie gets her share of screen time, especially as she didn't get much in the previous two episodes, "Mr. Monk and the Lady Next Door" and "Mr. Monk Makes the Playoffs."

Like I just said, the humor also makes up for it and my favorite moments show just that:

1. Monk puts his bare hand on a hot oven tray while having a flashback to middle school. He lifts the tray and says that his hand hurts!

2. Monk tries to get Dr. Bell to sign a note, without success. Then he tries to wrestle the note back from him after assuring Dr. Bell that he's not going to commit forgery.

3. Monk and Natalie walk into a bar while tracking down Roderick's wife. To get information, Monk attempts to ask a bartender, and then resorts to bribing him with a $1 bill, saying that perhaps General Washington can refresh the man's memory. When this doesn't work, Monk puts a dime on top of the bill and says that maybe there are "two General Washingtons".

4. Monk takes out his old film camera, and comments that it was a gift from his Nana. Natalie asks him if it was from Thomas Edison (referring to the fact that camera is so old). Monk takes a picture with a blinding flash, and then Natalie tricks a businessman into taking a picture of their target (the guy comments that he's got the same one, a "gift from his Nana").

5. Monk expresses his continuing urge to follow Marilyn as being "pro bono comeuppance," and Natalie berating him for this.

6. Monk makes an attempt to do a cartwheel, but he can't bring himself to do it, as he feels remorse for the arrested Roderick. Then he decides to try to do it again, then decides against it, calling himself a ghoul. When he can't decide, he tries to get Natalie to do one for him.

7. Monk, Natalie, Stottlemeyer and Disher stop Marilyn's identical twin from drowning her. To try and tell them apart, Randy tries to get Marilyn to say "aunt," but Stottlemeyer suggests that they arrest the twin that wasn't drowning.

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I cut across the creek to watch this, 15 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The producers of 'Monk' have really gone in with a bang and produced this awesome episode. How would you react when you find that someone is killing women with the same name as your daughter? Watch the episode and you'll find out. Natalie is immediately terrified to find a serial killer stalking women with the name "Julie Teeger." However, is her own daughter at risk? The episode perfectly blends humor with investigation, and the scenes themselves were done flawlessly.


1. The writers should have issued Stottlemeyer another car while his was in the shop. No offense, but this is how it would really happen.

Pros: The episode has a lot of excellent humor and every scene inserts it very cleverly:

1. Monk picks up some underwear, and he mistakes it for a VERY big handkerchief! His reaction is just priceless!

2. Natalie impulsively "borrows" Stottlemeyer's new Dodge Charger.

3. Stottlemeyer examines his car, which has had its hood heavily crumpled. He asks Natalie for an explanation, and she says "I took a shortcut. I cut across the creek." He says that there's no bridge across the creek. She replies "I know." Stottlemeyer is still very confused, and still reminding her that there is no bridge across the creek.

4. After Julie misses a stop sign, her driving teacher says "I can understand it. They hid it so cleverly... on top of that big post."

5. Julie is exasperated when three police cars block her in after she starts a three point turn without using her blinker. She is more confused as Natalie gets out of one car and quickly puts Julie in the back of the patrol car.

6. Monk's discovery of the dead body of Matthew's mother is a really clever spoof of Psycho. His "Are you dead?" line is just funny.

7. Randy dresses in drag to pose as the dead mother, and he complains about his bra itching. His entire discussion over his wire about what phrase to use if he's in trouble really cracks me up: "I wish there were ten of them." This episode promises many returns.

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Funny and still very dramatic, 15 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Here, the producers of Monk have decided to take a little turn on things and make murder strike closer to home for the main characters, figuratively. In this case, a realtor has been shot dead in Marin County. When Adrian Monk and Natalie Teeger inspect the crime scene, Monk figures that the killer had to have had a key to the house. Quickly, he and Natalie begin to suspect that Captain Stottlemeyer's own girlfriend Linda Fusco is the killer. Imagine that! And yes, Stottlemeyer thinks they are jealous about the fact that he has what Monk doesn't have. But even with Stottlemeyer and Disher looking into other suspects, Monk and Natalie continue to suspect Linda.

One thing that makes the episode so great is the fact that Monk and Natalie actually have some chemistry between each other. Natalie's little diversions and traps that she handles herself so that Monk can find evidence are really brilliantly done. Especially at the end when Monk uses Natalie and a webcam communication to lure the going away party to Linda's alibi. All in all, one of the best episodes in season 6.

This episode features some of my favorite Monk moments:

1. Monk comments that one could not be naked when talking on a webcam.

2. The entire scene where Stottlemeyer tells Linda about her dead tree and how he's called a buddy of his to cut it down, and also has had the rental truck across the street towed for blocking her fire hydrant, making him a "full service boyfriend".

3. Monk and Natalie arrive at the police station to give news to Randy. Natalie says that the information she is about to give is confidential. Randy thinks she means to say she is in love with him, which annoys her to the point that she brings it up a few moments later when Monk asks Randy for theories on how to beat Linda's alibi.

4. Monk falls off a motorcycle when Natalie floors it, because he refuses to hold on by grabbing her shoulders.

5. Two moments in the motorcycle ride: one is when while stopped at a red light, Monk attempts to reach over and wipe the dirty window of a van that says "WASH ME". Later, he gives the thumbs down to a motorcycle who is pacing them on the highway.

6. Monk sabotages Stottlemeyer's interrogation by claiming to be an FBI agent and also picking apart Helen Hubbert's personal life.

7. Linda shows Natalie an apartment, and Linda asks her about where Monk is. Natalie says he does something every Wednesday, but Linda points out that it's Thursday.

8. Linda tells Stottlemeyer about Monk wanting to sleep with her.

9. Monk crashes the party by talking to them on the webcam from the impounded truck.

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I haven't seen other Sherlock Holmes films, but I know that this is the best!, 3 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I give this film a 10 out of 10 rating for just that reason. It's so perfect in every way. It has supernatural events and cases that only Holmes would solve. The action of the film is mixed in with quite a lot of humor as well, including these moments:

1. Holmes thinks of a way to overcome a boxer in a ring in a few seconds. Then we see the events play out in real time.

2. Holmes wakes up naked in Irene Adler's room, chained to the bed. A maid comes in, and he tells her that beneath the pillow covering his groin is the key to his release.

3. Dialogue between Holmes and Dredger during the fight that starts in Reordan's laboratory.

4. Holmes attempts to make a silencer for a gun, which is obviously not working! Watson tells his patient that Holmes is probably nailing a picture up.

5. Holmes gives a turn by turn account of a carriage ride in which he was blindfolded the whole time.

6. The entire scene in which we see Holmes follow Irene Adler, especially when he (disguised as a homeless bum) rams the side of her employer's carriage.

7. Mrs. Hudson remarks that it looks like Holmes has killed Gladstone again.

8. A gypsy woman (paid by Holmes) tells Watson that marrying Mary Morstan is a bad idea.

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An okay episode, 1 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Not the best of the series. I mean, I have to agree with the last poster that Agent Thorpe is kind of harsh, but the point is this episode proves that Monk is smarter than the smartest supercomputer (I sometimes even wonder if he's smarter than Deep Thought. That is, he can tell us what the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything is, and not give us the vague answer of "42"). I could agree that Thorpe could have been made the killer. Sometimes, in my ideas, I often imagine a different concept that makes the Six Way Killer an actual serial killer, not just a diversion from an earlier murder, and which has Monk and Co. tracking out clues by themselves and sabotaging the FBI's side of things.

I do have to point out some other big issues with the episode: the first is Monk's ignorance to technology. He doesn't know how to use a computer. Given that he served on the SFPD for several years, Monk probably would have had to use a computer to submit arrest reports. Also, Monk has seen Natalie and Sharona use cell phones but when he tries to use one he can't do anything with it? Monk is a master of observation, and yet he can't recall one tiny thing about the operation of a cell phone? That's something I have a hard time believing.

The second thing is that in the tech van, Agent Thorpe and Agent Keao treat Monk as if he was a complete moron. They act like everyone would know that what Monk was writing on was a plasma screen TV. Well if it was off it looked like a clear blackboard, so Thorpe and Keao either have no respect for Monk or they are just plain stupid. Then they scream at Monk for using hydrochloric acid on the screen. Why in the world was it just sitting out in the open like that and why wasn't it clearly marked?

Also, all through this episode, Agent Thorpe constantly bellows at Monk, talks down to him, and in general treats him like a dog who just went poo on a white carpet. If I were in Monk's position, I would probably accuse Agent Thorpe of discrimination based on preexisting psychological disabilities. He would have as a result probably been fired and would have also been fined.

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I must say that this is a good episode!, 30 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Actress Sally Larkin has vanished in the middle of a VERY messy divorce, and her husband is the primary suspect. Monk is called in, but when an unusually upbeat Harold Krenshaw shows up at the crime scene, Harold reveals that he's been seeing a hypnotist, a Dr. Lawrence Climan. Monk goes to this Dr. Climan and comes out acting like a six year old! His hypnotic state might impact the investigation, but it turns out helping him solve the case when the actress turns up alive, after having killed her husband, who held her hostage in a cabin for a few days. And the truth is in a piece of Lieutenant Disher's own homemade "Disher Mint" chewing gum.

The entire business about a famous actress's disappearance makes for a good plot. The hypnosis adds a layer of humor to the episode. I mean, when I see this episode, I sometimes feel an urge to run around and climb trees! The supporting cast, which includes Richard Schiff from 'The West Wing' as the titular hypnotist, Dina Meyer (Allison Kerry from the ''Saw'' film franchise) and Henry Czerny (Norfolk in ''The Tudors'') make for an excellent supporting cast.

Even though the entire theme about Monk trying to solve a crime after doing something that relieves him of his fears and phobias but limits him of his detective abilities has been used before ("Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine"), I don't really care.

All in all, it makes for a great episode!

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