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Ahhhmazing show!, 29 November 2010

This show is incredible! It is by far one of the more believable ones that are on TV and it makes you feel like you are there when they do the interviews! It is easy to keep up with and the three guys are absolutely hilarious! Every Friday night me and a group of friends goes out of the way in order to watch this show, we have a big party and we always are just speechless at the end of the show! The guy in charge, Zak Bagans, is just really real and good at this he found what he was meant to do and he does it well! Nick Groff is the one who is able to take a step back and keep things in a clear picture for the audience! Aaron Goodwin is good because you know it is real by the way he reacts! The three of these guys have the most amazing chemistry and it makes for an enjoyable show! If you haven't seen it you have to watch it and if you have you understand exactly what i am saying!!