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Exquisite Violence, 27 April 2004

I wont talk about the plot, cause too much has been said about it already, spoiling you lots of fun. I will just say what i think of the movie in general.

Wonderful movie...a must see even for those who often avoid violent films. Kill Bill takes violence to a poetic level turning it into a work of art that delights us both visually and mentally. The movie es smart, funny and very well (and strangely) told. The characters and their violent interactions can be interpreted either as meaningful or meaningless depending on the perspective. The pace gets slow at times and then too fast too suddenly, like a slowly go up the hill anxious to speed down it..and then you just one to do it again.

Cant wait for Volume II.

Kamchatka (2002)
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What`s the story?, 9 June 2003

An Argentine couple move into hiding with their two sons. Hiding from whom? Why? The movie will not tell us the answer to those questions because that is not what this movie is about. I have to say, though, that I could not stop wondering that through the whole movie.

This movie is the story of how this family fights to overcome obstacles (whatever they might be). The effort parents have to make to provide a happy family live for their kids even when their own personal life is plagued with difficulties. Explained with the simplicity of a nine years old boy's perspective the movie is just beautiful and well done.

Winner of a "Ciguapa de Oro" at the Santo Domingo 5th International Film Festival I highly recommend it to everybody. 8.5 out 10

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Smart and dramatic, 4 June 2003

I just watched this movie at the Santo Domingo International Film Festival. While watching the movie I had the feeling that I have seen a movie with a similar story before...a movie with Ray Liotta but I can't remember much of it. Of course, this one is a lot more dramatic, especially at the end.

This is the story: Emilio's life becomes a lie that he can not longer sustain. After 20 years lying about his entire life to his wife, son and all the people he knows, the truth is chasing him and there is nowhere to go.

Watching Emilio make up lies is exiting and funny but after a while you get tired of the same thing...the affair with a young girl was supposed to ad something but it doesn't. Despite that the movie is still funny, exiting and involving. Either it makes you want to help Emilio with his lies or help everybody else catch him. I liked the analogies, photography and the good performances.

7.5 out of 10.

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This movie has it all!!, 29 May 2003

Sometimes you watch a romantic comedy....Sometimes a drama...Sometimes a just a funny movie and so on until you see a movie that has it all and that movie becomes one of your favorites, in my case, my favorite of all times.

Son of the bride is a movie about family, about love and about live. Great acting, interesting story, excellent photography, well, just great.

You can rent it, i, i will buy it!