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In no particular order, just a random list of films that I've really enjoyed and that have stayed with me over the years. I don't pretend to be a film buff so you need not tell me I'm wrong on any of these, I don't care!
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A list of Vampire films.
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Films about, or heavily featuring, animals.
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These films had a lasting effect on me and really did give me nightmares. Thankfully I'm older and a bit tougher now!
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Films I grew up with having been born in the early 80's.
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Just good, old-fashioned ghost stories (in no particular order!)
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Films that have stood the test of time. Some I've grown up with, others that are relatively new to me but all before my time. Sadly, they don't make films like they used to. I recommend that film lovers see them all.
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An obvious choice I know but I love Alfred Hitchcock. These are my favourite, that doesn't mean I think they're his 'best'.
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I fail to see why most of these were made. A whole new cast, different directors, no story continuation, tenuous links (if any) to the original, appalling quality... yet somebody somewhere must be making money of these stinkers.
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Twenty must see horror, thriller and suspense films.