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3 Ninjas (1992)
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all in fun, 2 September 2003

Three children (Colt, Rocky, and Tum Tum) who are instructed in the art of ninjitsu by their grandfather, Ninja Master Mori (Victor Wong). Another of Mori's former pupils grew up to be notorious underworld figure Hugo Snyder (Rand Kingsley), who is attempting to get the boys' FBI agent dad off his back orders the young ninjas kidnapped. The kid ninjas turn the tables on their inept kidnappers, but get in bigger trouble when a group of ninjas keeps them prisoner in the hold of a ship. Action packed, but not overly violent, 3 Ninjas is a lot of fun for kids and funny too.

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half way decent sequel, 2 September 2003

In the fourth film of the 3 Ninjas series, the ninjas are on a trip to the Mega Mountain amusement park, they are joined by their computer genius neighbor, 13-year-old Amanda (Chelsey Earlywine), daughter of a movie special FX designer. The villainous Medusa (Loni Anderson) leads a ninja army to Mega Mountain. With her head henchman Lothar (Jim Varney), Medusa intends to move into Mega Mountain's master control center and hold the park patrons for a $10 million ransom. However, former TV star Dave Dragon (Hulk Hogan) happens to be making an appearance at the park, and the combination of Dave, Rocky, Colt, Tum Tum, and Amanda makes life difficult for Medusa and her warriors. High Noon at Mega Mountain is stupid and fun and Hulk Hogan's performance makes this movie better.

cast makes it fun, 31 August 2003

Peter Sanderson (Steve Martin) is a lawyer who is having trouble getting his life back on track after his wife, Kate (Jean Smart), divorces him; he's also adjusting to his new status as a single father. Looking for companionship, Peter tries an internet dating site and virtually meets "lawyer-girl," an attractive and single fellow attorney. Peter makes a date with her, but the woman who arrives at his door turns out to be Charlene Morton (Queen Latifah), who not only isn't a lawyer, she turns out to be an escaped convict. Charlene is also a brash and brassy African-American, while Peter is perhaps the most tightly wound white guy in L.A. Charlene explains to Peter that she's strung him along because she's innocent of the crime for which she was convicted, and she needs a top-notch attorney to help prove her case. Peter isn't the least bit interested at first, but Charlene isn't the sort of woman to take "no" for an answer, and in time she wears him down and agrees to help. As Charlene moves into Peter's home, she helps him to loosen up and unleash his inner groove, which quite surprises Kate, and her down-to-earth advice comes in handy for Peter's son and daughter. But Charlene may end up going too far when Peter is asked to entertain Mrs. Arness (Joan Plowright), a wealthy woman looking for a new law firm. Bringing Down The House is nothing new, but the great cast makes it better than it really is.

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good, 6 August 2003

I like Lloyd in Space, a very solid cartoon which are hard to find these days on Saturday. Lloyd in Space is nothing special and probably won't be well remembered, but it sticks out because most of the cartoons are so poor these days.

"Survivor" (2000)
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started out good, 6 August 2003

Survivor Australia started out good, but the ending was lame and disappointing. I was cheering for Rodger, I was glad that Tina won the prize she deserved it. I have to laugh at Colby what a dumb move he made at the end, deserving winner, but that mistake won't be forgotten, glad Colby isn't on tv anymore.

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bad, 6 August 2003

I was not shocked that this game show remake was awful, the updated Card Sharks bad. Card Sharks was a great game to watch back in the day, but this version was lame, bad host, bad everything, you never change the game that was successful. I would like to see Bob Eubanks or even Bill Rafferty redo this instead of some no name host.

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great idea, 6 August 2003

The Amazing Race is the best of the reality shows today, entertaining, enjoyable, and intense. I like the idea, game, format, and the host isn't a tool like Jeff Probst. The Amazing Race is must see reality tv.

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hmmm??, 6 August 2003

The Beast was an interesting show to say the least, I liked what I saw, but I guess The Beast couldn't find a audience. The Beast from what I saw was pretty cool, too bad it got canceled, the only thing I will probably remember from this show is the line, "Welcome To The Beast!".

"The Mole" (2001/I)
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great, 6 August 2003

The first Mole was very exciting to watch, I was cheering for ol' Jim Bob to win it, but the ending was surprising to say the least. The first Mole was excellent and hope future games and Moles can be just as good as this show was.

enjoyable, 6 August 2003

The Education of Max Bickford was a enjoyable watch, Richard Dreyfuss and Marcia Harden worked well together and the show was better because of it. I guess more people didn't think so and so went Max Bickford from the lineup.

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