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a very pleasant surprise, 25 March 2012

Every time that a movie based on a book comes out, people start to compare both as if they were supposed to be the same. Thats pretty much impossible cause the film is actually the director s vision of the book and obviously not everyone feels the same things reading a book or watching a movie. Now I have to admit that every bestseller turned to movie is suspicious to me ( we have things like Eragon ( uninteresting) The Golden Compass ( it ends when its starting to get interesting) or Twilight ( unbearable unless you are a hardcore fan) so I was expecting a so so movie with The hunger games. Thats why I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. It has an amazing performance from Jennifer Lawrence to start with, the custom design is awesome, the score is excellent and there are some lines in the movie that really caught me. If this was an R rated movie probably it could have been a little better but the final result is an entertaining and well worth movie

Top Cat (2011)
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and the razzie goes to.. top cat oh wait this is made in Mexico, 12 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

if this movie was produced in the US probably it would be the winner of at least two razzies: worst screenplay and worst picture. Now everyone knows that Top Cat ( Don Gato) was a lot more successful here in Mexico, it was clever and fun. So maybe that is why Anima Studios though that this was going to work as a full lenght feature. The positive things: the effort in the animation ( this is an industry that is not consolidated yet, also the voice of El Tata as Benito and Cucho and some references to the original cartoon like de maraja. The rest of it is just awful. ( Spoiler) The villain wants to conquer the city using robots? ( ebd of spoiler) and I have to say that this is the most irritating character in film history you seriously want him to die in one of jigsaw s games it is absolutely unbearable, the script is also very bad there is no real conflict, or at least not one that represents a challenge for Top Cat. Seriously, I only heard two kids laughing once and that is just awful. Its also sad that animators think that kids are stupid "Oh its a kids movie they will laugh anyway" Well they didn't. Worst movie of the year no contender so far.

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sadly one of the worst movies of the year, 12 September 2011

I agree with some other reviews saying that the poster and the trailer for the movie somehow makes people think that they are going to see a light but enjoyable romantic comedy. I was expecting to be good frankly. I mean Julia Roberts has Pretty woman and Notting Hill, Tom Hanks has You ve got mail and Sleepless in Seatle so the less you can expect from this actors together in a movie is good film. But I was so wrong. The characters are not likable at all. Tom Hanks really needs to take more rolls like Road to perdition he is already abusing of his role of the gold heart man and in this movie he looks really fake. Julia Roberts also fails terribly, she has lost the charm completely in this movie, they don't have chemistry at all I mean "this course changed my life I met you" really? I got mad at that point ( spoilers) and the main problem of Julia Roberts with her husband is that he watches porn? just plain awful I was going to give this a 5 but I reconsider is just bad. not the worst but very mediocre and disappointing. I finish by saying Tom Hanks get away from the directors chair and if you wrote this don't do it again please you are better winning Oscars

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a shining star in the history of animation, 17 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Personally I enjoy most of Disney movies but this one has a special place for many reasons. The main one is that it brings me back to my childhood, and at that time I enjoyed the movie so much. I even had the VHS in English and Spanish version. Then the film came out on DVD and I also bought it. When it first came out on IMAX for any reason I couldn't go to see it again so now for the 3D release I definitely was not going to miss that opportunity. And all I can say is that this film will be forever inmortal. At the theater that I went there were people in the mid 20s like myself singing the songs, repeating the lines, it is just something that you don't see everyday. About the movie, everything has been said before: it is just so perfect, so balanced, it is a treat for the eyes for its amazing animation, it makes you laugh histerically with lovable characters like timon and pumba, it has a lot of emotional moments (spoilers) yes mufasas death is very sad but what really gets to me is when mufasa gets into the stampede to protect simba that is just heart breaking for me its not the death itself but the events that occur before his dead. Also at the very end when Simba takes his place as king is just magical, powerful it gives me chills when the bones are washed away by the rain while simba listens the voice of his father "remember" definitely this is pure gold a movie for old and young and a gem that will absolutely will pass the test of time.

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the surprise of the summer, 16 August 2011

when the first trailer of this movie appeared I thought that this was going to be by far the worst movie of the year. I don't like very much ryan reynolds in a leading role and the special effects looked very poor, at some point very close to ridiculous. The first 20 minutes of the movie got me into the story ( I was expecting nothing else than bad frankly) but this was a huge surprise. Characters are well developed, I liked so much when Blake Lively tells Green Lantern to take off the mask but there is a symbolism there since she talks about the mask of fear, there are very deep concepts in this movie,peter saarsgard is simply phenomenal as a villain and basically all the actors are amazing at their roles in the end it was worth it. Yes the special effects are poor sometimes and for that I would give a 4 but then acting script and pace are great so that makes a 10: final score 8

The Smurfs (2011)
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come on¡¡¡ its not that bad, 9 August 2011

I will start saying that I am not even a fan of the Snurfs cartoon and frankly I went to see this because I had nothing else to do. Also, to find out why IMDb reviews assured that this was a complete mess. And honestly,I ve seen worst, and this movie doesn't deserve a 4.5 score. We have to consider that this is a film based on a cartoon about a sorcerer that desperately chases small blue snurfs. What can you expect of that?. Of course is silly and not to deep. But this was not made to surprise the audience it was made for the older ones to remember the cartoon and the young ones to discover it. Now I find some positive thinks on the movie. Hank Azaria as Gargamel has a few good moments that at least made me smile, the art design of the village is colorful and well done ( probably could have been better if the story was developed in the snurfs world) in a few words give it a chance it is an enjoyable family movie

After.Life (2009)
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a dark subject beautifully filmed, 4 August 2011

This is one of those movies that you normally don't know nothing about because there is not an expensive campaign to promote it. But from the first time that I saw the poster it kept catching my attention, even though I read some reviews saying that the movie was slow moving, confusing and pointless. Thats when I confirm the idea that you must go into a movie without prejudice, not based in somebody else opinion,otherwise you could be missing a good film like this. Performances are all great, photography is awesome (spoiler) the dream scene were Christina ricci rips her heart off is disturbing but somehow beautiful (end of spoiler), there is a lot of emotional moments, some other creepy and at the end ( like many said before) this movie allows the viewer to create his own interpretation, its not an ABC movie and its wonderfully told. Definitely worth watching.

Cars 2 (2011)
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for an animation movie is great for a Pixar movie is just OK, 26 June 2011

As many people mentioned before Cars is a movie that didn't deserved a sequel. I mean, talking cars is not the best idea to start with but somehow they managed to bring some emotions in part one. I remember that I was a little bored with the slow pace of the first Cars, but again they tried to connect the audience with the characters ( in my opinion McQueen is not a likable one). In the end Cars was good but it was missing something. Now, the sequel goes a completely different way, and first I thought that was a good and original move, but I also think that Mater has a lot of time on screen and frankly that is annoying ( it is the typical character that always screw things off but hey we love him because he has a big big heart and he will never let his friend down come on¡¡¡ that is so childlish and its okay for the kids, but we know that Pixar has made it to the top because they connect with kids and adults equally. Im not saying that you will have a bad time, because the movie its entertaining, but it lacks heart and genuine emotions. And that for a Pixar movie is just sad. Hopefully they deliver a better film next year.

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the hangover part 1.1, 29 May 2011

This is another movie that was just done because the first one made a lot of money. Every single element of the previous hangover is present. There are no surprises frankly. You alredy know that they are going to take things a little further in terms of scathologic jokes, nudity and some slight twists on the plot. Now if we keep in mind that this is a comedy I did not heard many people laughing out loud like in the first movie. Surely it has its moments, but most of them are already seen in the trailer. The characters still have some chemistry on screen but Zach Gialafanakis is not fun this time ( its more like annoying). In the end a very regular movie to watch on TV on a Sunday afternoon. Compared to this the first one might still be considered a classic in the future.

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Guillermo step aside¡¡, 29 May 2011

Lets start by saying that this film was written, produced and directed by Patricia Arriaga Jordan, sister of Guillermo Arriaga ( very famous for his scripts of Amores perros, 21 grams and Babel). When I first read about this film I was looking forward to watch it in the cinema but it never got a theatrical release ( or if it did it was very limited) Now, that is such a shame because this movie is in many levels superior to other films that get more attention just because they are nominated for Oscars. This is a simple story in its structure but very complex and deep in character development.

Its one of those movies that truly stays with you, every single element of the movie is there for a reason, there is not a single bad scene on the movie. Performances ( specially Marisol Centeno) are real, moving and bi- dimensional).

It also has the virtue of not letting you know how its going to end. You think you know, but in the end turns to be something different and absolutely beautiful.

In a few words, this is an excellent film, a must see for all the people that says that there are no good Mexican movies. Definitely deserves more recognition. Kudos to everyone for this wonderful film

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