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Meus filmes favoritos de ficção científica
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My complete list of movies about time travel (or movies with time-travel with an important plot role)

Although time-travel is my favorite movie and book topic ever, I find it very difficult to have a good story. Being so complex makes it easy for the writers to have plot errors.

I would say that only the top 6 movies are "must-watch" for fans of this fascinating subject!

PS: As an addition to this list, here is my short favorite time-travel books or short stories that would definitely be worth a movie:

1) The End of Eternity - Isaac Asimov - Best sci-fi time travel story ever
2) 11/22/63 - Stephen King
3) ?????? - Don't remember the name. A book not exactly about time-travel but about some guys that are cryogenically preserved and wake up in the future, only to die of too much radiation in the end...
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Alguns filmes que recomendo...
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Minha coleção de Blu-Rays
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