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Changing TV...again, 27 June 2017

Just like S1 before it, Twin Peaks The Return is defying conventions and changing the face of TV again. It's so different to what the fans were expecting and it has turned the weird up by ten but we're once again mesmerized by what we're seeing and left gagging for more, analyzing every scene, scouring the internet for articles and discussing each episode at length around a virtual, global water cooler.

It's not for everyone and it's not even for some of the Twin Peaks fans, this is the pure, undiluted heroin version of Lynch and it's exciting, intriguing, infuriating, spellbinding and unlike anything you have ever seen on TV.

I'm sure the best is yet to come and I can't wait!!!!

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A crowd pleasing, aliens-esquire sequel that will delight the fanboys!, 26 December 2007

I saw AVPR last night at the movies with high expectations after the disappointing Aliens Vs Predator movie that fell way short, and I have to say I really enjoyed it and thought that this was the type of AVP movie that everyone had been waiting for. Now, don't get me wrong, it wasn't 100% spot on and of course, there were flaws with the character selection and storyline, but all in all, the movie delivers everything that one expects from an alien movie - gore, shocks, amazing special effects and plenty of thrills and spills.

The movie sort of takes the next step from Alien Resurrection's ending and brings the aliens to earth and explores the massacre that happens when aliens are let loose amongst the general population, and there are plenty of shocks and scares when some unsuspecting homeless person, father and son hunting team or high school jock runs into a facehugger or alien sentry.

The characters aren't particularly interesting - there's no Ripley here - but at the end of the day, you want the humans to live and for the aliens not to spread past the town's borders and infest the rest of the world - there were plenty of shocks and gasps when the main characters are killed one by one in a manner of gruesome encounters.

The best thing about the movie for me had to be all the nods to the original movies - the opening titles have the sound effect from aliens when Hudson is tracking the aliens and they're coming closer and closer, when the humans get into the army truck and drive off the score is similar to when Ripley commanders the naval soldiers' truck and drives the rescue mission into the aliens nest, when the civil guard attacks the aliens, you have the same screaming, mass chaos and alien screams that you hear when the soldiers get attacked in aliens, and of course, the ending with the mystery lady......

All in all, this was the kind of AVP and alien movie that I was looking forward to and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope the ongoing interest in the franchise encourages Cameron or Scott or Weaver to get back to the drawing board and bring us a new Alien movie to continue the alien story - with Ripley!

Go see it, shocks and gore galore!

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Good shock flick - compares very favourably to the original, 15 May 2007

28 Weeks Later builds on the tension, horror and shock value of the first film and delivers a new level of frights and scares that had the people in the packed movie theatre I was in gasping, jumping in their seats and hiding their eyes behind their shaking hands.

28 Weeks Later continues the story of the Rage Virus that has decimated the UK, and sees the US Military establishing quarantine Zones for survivors in an effort to repopulate London. The virus is thought to be extinct after all the infected have starved to death, but of course, it's not long before an infected survivor brings the Rage virus into the safe zone, and all hell breaks loose as the Military is forced to execute Code Red - total extermination of the population.

The storyline is original, the way that the virus reappears is quite clever, and the pace never lets up in a film that is sure to please and shock most viewers. The scares come thick and fast, the soundtrack is relentless and there are many claustrophobic and highly impressive cinematographic scenes that serve to scare, unnerve and increase the tension.

Spoilers FOLLOW! The scenes in the crowded underground when the lights go off and one zombie manages to decimate half the survivors is truly frightening, and the scene with the helicopter decapitating the zombies on the hill is awesome.

Rose Byrne is excellent in this Ripley-esquire role, and the children aren't the typical annoying or precocious screen brats, so you actually empathise with all the main characters and pray for their survival.

Be warned, there are gory scenes and it is extremely graphic and violent in places (Robert Carlisle gives his wife some tough love!) but it certainly provides entertainment.

There were a few places when the crowd laughed (Robert Carlisle tells his wife he is happy she's alive after leaving her for dead months earlier) and many people left the cinema talking excitedly about the film and recapping their favourite scene.

Good movie, great scare and good entertainment - recommended but not for young kids or a date movie :P

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disappointingly dull and uninteresting..even for a lynch fan, 13 June 2005

I finally got to have a look at this experimental Lynch short after waiting for so long....and unfortunately, it wasn't worth it! Even for a die hard Lynch fan, I found this to be really tedious....

nothing happens, there are long, long, long painful pauses where nothing happens, long, monotonous speeches where nothing is said and the whole thing finishes with the viewer not knowing, or caring, what the hell it was all about, what happened before and what happened afterward.

There was a Mulholland Drive allusion - the blonde girl and the brunette girl were very Diane and Rita -esque, and a Lost Highway moment with allusions to some significant event that happened but cannot be talked about clearly.

Unfortunately, It's all very uninteresting and very dull, nothing happens, it's very forgettable and I think i will delete it from my computer and forget I ever watched it. Sorry David!