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One of the BEST of the 50s
22 August 2008
Takes me back..... I remember this series fondly. It taught morals, values, tolerance for others & respect for the law and it did it with good stories and solid acting.

Rex & Yukon King were a big part of the series. Dick Simmons looked every bit the Mountie and could sit Rex well on his English saddle. He was even better with sled & team of huskies with King in the lead of course. This was one of the few 50s shows shot in color but shown in B & W.

Big Bear Lake Ca was as close as Hollywood could approximate for the Yukon in the 50s. So sit back relax and enjoy " the wild days of the Yukon. Back to the days of the Gold Rush, as Sergeant Preston, with his wonder dog, Yukon King, meets the challenge of the Yukon."

...."On King, on you huskies!!!!"
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It was a different time......
14 August 2008
We had just defeated the Nazis... Most of Europe was in ruins. There were two major powers left... The USA & the USSR with quite differing & opposing world views. The specter of nuclear annihilation from the Soviets was quite real & palpable. It was the post war era of the COLD WAR. I grew up with Bert the turtle & duck & cover drills. It was dark time in world history.

Anyone who doesn't think the COLD WAR was deadly serious business, unlike the spy novels of the era, need only look to the Berlin airlift & the space race for confirmation that it was indeed played on the world stage for very REAL objectives!

What you see in this movie may look hokey 57 years later in 2008, one reviewer likened it to "propaganda," but it in fact underscores not only the values which built the USA but those that eventually caused the USSR to collapse and the only major Communist country left, China, to adopt many of the ideas & freedoms of the USA in its own daily practices.

Our founding fathers had it right our freedoms DO flow from Providence & not from man nor any government not set upon those freedoms! As for the Christophers I agree & have for 50+ years. Use your God given talents to make the world a better place - YOU can change the world!
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not THAT bad.....
28 May 2003
this is typical of the ai horor films of the day... it's not all that bad.The director's commentary on the dvd... helps to explain this... It's sometimes hard to remember that these movies only had 12-20 shooting days...unlike the movies we have in 2003...
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The Mummy (1932)
the original, and still the best
28 May 2003
This classic holds its own even 71 years later. It still gives me goose bumps. Karloff is simply superb! The supporting cast is excellent... The sets are good even by today's standards. It's a pity none of the deleted scenes survive.
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