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You won't see any Transformers movies on this list because Michael Bay is the most successful-worst director in the history of Hollywood. But I hope you enjoy the rest of the movies on the list!
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Just because a movie has a super star in its cast doesn't mean that's the movie is a guaranteed success! Check out my list of A-list actors that appeared in some awful movies.
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This is a list of my all-time favorite comedies. Movies considered Romantic Comedies, do not appear on this list. Additionally, animated movies do not appear on this list either.
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This is a list of my favorite shows that are currently on TV. This list does not include cancelled shows.
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There are three types of movies on this list:
1. Movies that I like even though they are not "manly" enough and therefore I am not supposed to like them.
2. Movies that received bad reviews.
3. Movies that are generally considered "cheesy."
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Although cheezy is not always a bad thing :)
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This list is what I consider to be the best movies or tv shows that involve sword and/or shield action. Movies that feature gun powder need not apply.
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This is a list of movie actors that you probably have seen, but can't name. Their faces you recognize, but they are not quite household names yet. Nonetheless, these actors have proven to be very good at their craft and make a good living doing what they love.
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