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"Homeland" (2011)
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Good, but lacking realism, 26 February 2013

Let me start by singing the positives; the show has great acting, great pace, solid characters, and passable writing. Claire Danes is impressive in her role as an obsessive CIA agent with a lifestyle based solely around her job. However, Homeland is marred across the board with inaccuracies, from small things like standard operating procedure of the CIA, to much larger issues like a somewhat distorted depiction of Arabs. Because of this, Homeland feels more like a guilty pleasure than anything else.

I would prefer seeing a more realistic fictional show depicting the War on Terror, something like Syriana. Robert Baer (an ex Directorate of Operations CIA agent) wrote a lot of good books about how the CIA conducts its business, which would be a good jumping off point.

I guess my biggest problem with the show is that, in a majority of situations, the CIA handles overseas operations while the FBI handles Counter-Terrorism within the country. In the show, The CIA seems to be doing the FBI's job.