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Films that cover Mystery as one of the themes.
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Movies that are funny to watch.
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These are movies that contain the element of Fantasy throughout the story.
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These are movies that are classified as Anime (Japanese) films that have a certain look and film to them.
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Movies that were made based around Video Games.
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For anyone interested in starting a Intro to Film Course, this is a list about what movies to show to learn about the impact of film on culture and history.

This is a list in progress.
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This list is made up of only movies that have won Best Picture.
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Movies from the 1940s
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This list is for those lucky babysitters who get to watch movies that have a little more edge to them with teens 13-17.

A great night consists of pizza, soda, and cheesy bread sticks and maybe some popcorn.

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This is a collection of movies to take if you have to babysit on a Friday or Saturday night. Mostly for kids 8/9 to 12. Be sure to start the popcorn and cheese nachos and have the kids start the movie while your preparing so when the movie starts, everything is ready.

To make the Cheese nachos, just grate a block of cheddar cheese and toss on chips and microwave for 17 seconds.
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This list is a compilation of all the movies that are considered some of the best movies made for women, and that even some guys would say are great movies.

The idea of a chick flick is one that involves the relationships of many women and their struggle in how they are dealing with it. Most of these relationships involve the common mother-daughter conflict, but there are those that involve the mother-daughter-soon to be boyfriend or husband relationships. The idea can also be the struggles of a girl, woman, or mother having to deal with her own problems on her own.
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Films that cover what past life was like in detail. They cover how life for people during that time were lived including how they talked and how they spent their time.
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List of Short Movies I have seen.
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Movies that were created from comics.
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Every now and then you find a movie that just takes you for a ride and doesn't hold back. They make you forget about reality so much that you don't ever want to leave. Some of these movies are hard to find and others are just unique, other's just have a special quality to them.

Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater.
- Roman Polanski
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List that is always in progress. Feel free to add any that are worth adding.
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Movies that revolve around Christmas.
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Films that discussion the topic of teenage suicide.
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Movies from the 1930's
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This is for all the best movies characters ever created and put on screen.
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These movies are for Spy and Espionage films.
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These films relate to stories from the bible.
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These are shows that every parent and friend should take the responsibility in teaching your kids and friends about. These TV shows provide the right balance between being funny and teaching proper morals. Some are just crazy while others are very interesting. Some shows here died to young.
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This list is about the greatest TV characters ever created and the lives they lived. Feel Free to add recommendations
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This is a list of movies brought together for the Alamo Drafthouse film festival held every week in Austin.
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This is a collection of special one-time shows or events that took place on TV.
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List of Films that brought about a different change in film making and style during that time. The film makers felt that film making could contribute to society but depicting real life individuals and their circumstances.
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These directors knew how to see an idea and turn it into a physical world for everyone else to see and enjoy and for that we thank them.
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A list of Movies that Jerry Harvey cultivated for his cable channel.
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Many parents today are worried about encouraging their kids to watch TV, but these are shows that every kid should know about while growing up. Parents should learn to teach their children about what a good show looks like instead of just telling them not to watch it all together.
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This is a list of Directors of Photographers who knew how to capture exactly what their Directors wanted but not only that they were able to give more to the picture, style, and vision.
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This list has been created based on the actor themselves and not just the characters they play. They were chosen based on how they live their life and also the values that they carry and try to model for others.
Their work history is very unique than what most people know them for. Many have indie film credits that are strong stories but very hard to find on DVD.
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Just like movies, there are some great video games to spend some time with. The best part about video games is that you can interact with the story, unlike a movie, and control the direction, sometimes, of what happens to the characters.
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Every once in a while a good musical comes out that appeals to me that I find very interesting. The list is small but will grow over time.
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Their works have made me laugh so hard sometimes that I have to pause the show just to make sure to don't miss a beat.
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There are some individuals who have turned their celebrity status into something great. They understand the importance or giving back and for that, it shows what great character they have.
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This list is about all those amazing producers and creators who came up with such amazing ideas for a TV show. They brought up the laughs, smiles, and tears and most of all, the lasting memories.