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New & improved. All in one.
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From the early 1990's onwards! :)
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This list is self explanatory. I have decided, utterly for myself, to make a list of all the crushes I've had over the years and maybe see if I have an obvious type. (: Some of them I may just have to say...I was young! :p <3 (Listed by age of myself when I first had said crush).
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Just for fun. Lookalikes that cross genders. Please, no hate!
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I will say that probably none of these actors look anything alike but, to me they sound alike. Please no hate on my choices, they're just my opinion. Thanks. (:
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I've included some singers/artists from other bands in this list who have featured in the videos, NOTHING else, just featured, so please don't tell me if someone is singing in a song & want me to include that person, but I am happy for help. :)

Female version is here:
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This is a list of female actors who have been in music videos. I just thought I'd do it for a bit of fun. I've got the guy version here:
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'Descendants' may be a loose term for this list, 'distant relative' might be more apt. I hope you enjoy this list and hopefully, maybe learn something like I've done doing it! (:

P.S. If there are more than the person I've added who are descended from the 'ancestor' then, if I know it I will add them (if they've got an imdb page) or I will include them somewhere on this list. If I've missed anyone that you know, please tell me, that would be great! (:

If you want to know more about others that I haven't included or want to see where I found some of this information, then these are some websites to take a look at:
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This list is purely for my memory and to help with features etc of all the characters in my head. :3
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Tv Shows on the list:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Doctor Who
How I Met Your Mother
Lost Girl
Lost in Austin
Once Upon A Time
The Big Bang Theory
The Vampire Diaries

A work in progress! (:

*Possible spoilers. Look at your own risk!*
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They may have gone when it was called something else.
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This is a really silly list & totally pointless, but I kind of wanted to make this, just to see for my own record, how many actors I've seen before, before there 'breakout' roles for me. None of them I knew I'd seen before on other shows/films etc. THIS IS JUST FOR FUN. (:
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I'd like to point out that I am straight, but there have been over the years a few female actors/singers who I've had little crushes on. Most of these crushes have come and gone, but a few I still have. :3

Will add when I can. :3
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In this list, the types of couples I will be including are: - Romantic - Bromance/Friends - Enemies They are all my own choices, so they might not be who everyone may choose. I hope you enjoy them anyway. (:
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Just thought it be a bit of fun. :)
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Where I was born and brought up. :)
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This is done only for a bit of a laugh! I'm left handed myself and it's more unusual to see than right handed people. :)
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Don't be horrible or sending me nasty messages! Thanks.
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I've been to two down here in Devon. :)
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Everyone is apparently connected to one another through 5 people (or less), so here's a list of famous people I can connect myself to through 5 people or less. :)
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I was interested to see how many (or few) Americans had Welsh Ancestery so here is the list. :) I most likely won't have put all well known Welsh-Americans but I will try!
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From Jane Austin to twenty-first century story is told without including that Gorgeous Man! So here they are (in my opinion!)
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It's just for fun! :)
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It's just for fun! :)
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A list of people who I think people should be proud to be from the same country as them. :)
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