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These films are epic! Its why I made the list.
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In my opinion, these are the greatest films known to man.yeah.
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These films and tv shows all are very weird, however, very entertaining and thrilling.
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If you is going on a holiday to Britian and u iz worried about the tv showz, then that is bad, because British tv iz EPIC!
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These are the 60 reasons why you shouldnt have a tv in your bedroom and turn it on at midnight... ( Some are abit awful)
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These are the greatest shows you will ever find on your television.Some comedic, some drama, some documentry, some reality and some action
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This lists is proof that action/horror comedies are much better than regular comedies.
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What the title says. If you disagree
, plz dont post complaints.
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These five films are all very moving, exiting and worrying. All those features make a great drama film
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What the name says.
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These 15 films are very exiting and worrying, wich makes a great action or adventure film.
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These directors have made some of the greatest films, or tv shows of all time!!!
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