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This is a list dedicated to the toughest guys on the planet. List includes, but not limited too, movie starts, hockey players, generals, etc.

List is in no particular order, because these guys all have equal badass powers.
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SyFy Channel original movies become so bad, it's almost hilarious. Fake CGI, campy plots, the themed weekends, bad acting, and bringing back old TV actors from the 80s always makes for a real dumpsterpiece. How anyone can these seriously is beyond me.
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This is who we want to "win" the Golden Raspberry Awards
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Oscar Predictions/Picks 2010
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My favorite TV shows of all time.
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Considering that 2000 is really part of the 1990s, I thought I'd just pick my favorites of the first decade of the 21st century.
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Ten Films that I really didn't like as much.
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Ten very controversial films, that will always stick with you