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This as an old list I've revamped a bit. The emphasis here is on FAVOURITE HORROR FILMS. There are truly great films that are some way down my list. Most notably The Shining and Aliens. I love both films but to me they are GREAT films overall rather than GREAT horror films. I like my horrors like my ladies 'Cheap and cheerful' so I tend to hold big budget studio movies in lower regard than their low budget counterparts :-)
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I'm sure there are numerous omissions but off the top of my head these are my favourites. You may note loads of Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood.
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Just a list of what can be described as fun horror films. They vary immensely in quality from genuinely great movies such as Gremlins, to so bad they are good films epitomized best by the genius that is Thankskilling. From cult classics like Bad Taste to personal favourites such as Wacko. Hope you all enjoy!!!
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