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Doug Walker's Lame Attempt at Satire, 7 January 2013

What makes a good parody? Well you need to take the tropes, plot holes, and themes of something and spin it in a clever and funny way. Demo Reel's parodies are about as childish and shallow as a spoof can get. Here is the problem, Doug Walker seems to find zany, over the top, humor funny. It isn't. It is loud, annoying, and extremely childish. Over the top humor plus parody is a terrible combination. After his first episode tanked (and rightly so) he decided to "rework" the series. All he did though is change his annoying humor from "parodies" to "cross over parodies" which are even worse. These cross over "spoofs" will remind you of the "beloved" duo Seltzer and Friedberg. Yes they are on that level of bad. I couldn't sit through more than a minute of his Wreck It Ralph spoof that was as shallow and Seltzerberg inspired as they come. The spoofs make the most childish jokes from the Nostalgia Critic look like George Carlin in comparison. Now I haven't really been fair since the show also has a non spoof segment with the actors. How is this you ask? Well it is very meh. The characters are very forgettable with the exception of Rob Walker's German character who is the only good thing about the show. Rob is funny as usual and I really want to see this guy get out of his brother's shadow since he has so much potential. As for the other characters you have Donnie Dupre who should be renamed Nostalgia Critic light, since that is basically what he is, a blander version of the Nostalgia Critic. You have the writer of the movies who could be likable but is held back by the terrible script and you have the female lead who is kind of annoying. She comes off as a live action Looney Toon which I know is what Doug was going for. The problem is goofy, cartoony, characters only work in cartoons. Some people have called her character sexist which is a very stupid statement, she is not sexist just kind of annoying. I wish there could be a stupid female character without her being called sexist. There is far more idiotic male characters and they don't get any flak (cough)doublestandard(cough). Over all though the series is utter garbage and I would only recommend it for Doug's most loyal fanboys.

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Great but cut down in its prime!, 3 May 2011

I love this show! I remember when I first watched this thinking "its alright I guess..." but as I watched it got better and better and better until I was hooked. The characters are great, I love most the cast and there wasn't a character I would consider a scrappy. I won't sum up the plot but it gets better so if you find it is meh at first just give it time. The show is mostly plot and the action takes a total backseat so if you like a good story watch it but if you are more of a action kind of guy/girl then pass it up. The show is great but it has one flaw... IT NEVER CAUGHT ON!!! Yep the manga is MUCH longer than the series. Much like the great Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya the manga is much longer. The series ends with a few loose ends and I can tell there was more to be done. But hey if an anime isn't made up of mindless action I guess it gets canned. But the series is good and I do not regret seeing it. It is only subbed at the moment but a dub is in the works so if you like American dubs you can see it that way. But yeah great series but it could have been more... ):

Flywheel (2003)
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Independent Gold, 22 December 2010

This film has a low budget. The second it begins you know. As a Christian I still don't like a film just because it has something to do with God. It has to have character. This film did. Clever plot twists, realistic and likable characters, and more. The plot was well done and the film leaves you all warm and fuzzy. It did have flaws. The acting wasn't perfect but it was good enough and didn't ruin the film. Well the other flaws.....well I guess thats it. The films not perfect but i'm glad it has the independent feel. Over all a good flick for believers and people who arn't Christians.

A big :) from me to you!

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Disney gives up on 50% of their fans, 1 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Disney always makes films kids, teens, and adults alike can enjoy. Sadly only kids will find this funny. Teens will hate the stupid plot and adults will hate the plot and how half assed it is. It's like Disney wanted a filler film that could be released while they made high quality films that took longer. The jokes are random and you'll get 12 jokes one after the other that have nothing in common. It's like a cesspool of comedy. The villains arn't even evil! Disney has great villanslike Frolo, Hades, and Jafar just to name a few. But this only has aliens that look like the child of a Ferbie and Cousin It. The ending is as kids movie clichéd as possible and the characters aside from the ugly duckling are clichéd. Chicken Liitle = The dorky misunderstood kid. Runt = The fat nervous kid. Fish = The foreign kid. The only good thing this film has to offer is it's great for kids. This kind of wreck is the thing kids love. Only rent it if you need something to entertain kids. Give the review an extra point if you want to find a stupid kids movie.

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Cheesy but Good, 1 December 2010

The story is a bit cheesy...OK WHO AM I KIDDING it was very cheesy. But this is my all time favorite popcorn film! I normally hate popcorn films but this is different. The story is that of an anime intended for 13 year old boys but live action. All the over the top action fighting you'd see in one is in this! They even rip off several American block busters (see if you can spot the scenes that do). The story involves aliens and giant monsters like the normal Godzilla movie but with much more action and fun then most! The commander played by Don Frye is very bad ass and is one of the highlights. I will warn you if you don't like mindless fun this is not the film for you. Also Godzilla fans may not like the fact that the film focus's more on the humans then Godzilla. I liked it but it makes the film more of a live action anime then a Godzilla film. Now i'm not saying animes are cheesy, many are well done. But this is a very cheesy live action anime. Over all I...oh wait there's the villain...lets just say he's so over the top that he can be compared to the villain from warriors of virtue. I won't spoil it for you but lets just say the villains first act of evil is very random, pointless, and funny as heck! That is a good thing in my book. Overall this is the most brain melting 2 hours you'll ever have! Break out the mountain dew and fritos and have fun!