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save your time, 9 July 2003

There is no chemistry between Hudson and Wilson. The story drags...and drags. The use of so many different characters does not have the desired effect (whatever that may have been), this gimmick only makes the movie more tiresome. My friend and left long before the end, and that was the only part of the experience I do not regret.

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don't waste your time, 14 May 2003

Save your precious time and skip this one! Mulholland Drive is clearly a poor attempt at a movie. The first 2/3 of this movie finds the viewer wondering what will happen, how everything will tie together. The rest of the movie draws the viewer deeper into confusion, as nothing is made clear - only more muddled. And at the end of this YOU will be saying - out loud - "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED - WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!" The only redeeming quality is the material this will provide for our pals at MST3K.

If this is David Lynch at his best, I'm glad I missed the rest.