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A turns-me-on comedy flick!, 23 October 2010

Adam McKay brings you a rolling laugh riot that 'turns on' a witty guy. If you have seen Mark Wahlberg's splendid performance as a tough guy in flicks like "Shooter" and top cop in "Max Payne" you should now be ready to get surprised, he is so versatile that he could 'act a fool' with the same cop costumes. With Will Ferrel giving the lead, Mark Wahlberg takes you to a roll-out laugh riot by failing every time they become desperate to shine. With no spoof and lot of pun, The Other Guys is a true entertainer for the grown ups who understand sarcasm, parody, pun and occasionally read a business newsprint with special interest in corporate scams! Adam Mckay does a Christopher Nolan (Inception) by packing many twists that trigger your interest and tickles your funny bone. My advice, try holding your pop-corn tight, you might spill them all by laughing out loud.

Hisss (2010)
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A more dramatic end would have been a redemption at least, 22 October 2010

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The opening was great, the motivation behind each character is clearly defined, but the imagination is dull and characterization is poor. India has been portrayed like a land of snake charmers and poverty stricken land, some scenes make you feel sick, (a bunch of girls walked out of cinema after first 30 minutes!). Many question are left unanswered such as why was Irfan Khan's wife infertile? Why did any one not notice a double murder at the women's help center till the body was rotten? what takes so long for the autopsy guy to figure out a snake bite? Whys is nagin chasing the snake charmer and why is the snake charmer still running after seeing Irfan Khan? oops! A more dramatic end would have been a redemption at least.