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not in any particular order...though the first 5 are right on the spot.

i'll keep updating the list as i complete other series.
feel free to comment.
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will update regularly..feel free to comment.
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this list has been made after a long eliminates over-rated movies on imdb top 250 like avengers on #34.!! are you kidding me! it also eliminates some 1950s movies that have run their raiders of lost ark.! come on...but I do love hitchcock movies.

the formula used for rating was:
(my rating+imdb rating)/2 = average
(average*1.1+metascore*0.08)/2 = final rating

metascore is out of 100 so i used 0.08 as multiplying factor. for movies having low metascore but high average rating, I used RogerEbert in my opinion he's the best critic out there.

so enjoy..feel free to comment..and tell me if I missed a good one.(i am sure i have.)
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not in any particular order...i'll keep on updating my list as i see others and like them...
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I am literally frustrated at the recommended lists i get for upcoming movies...some of them you reject by names only..i mean come on..who gives a damn about 'zookeeper' or 'friends with benefits'...that's just bad i start my list with the past then present and then coming soon. yeah mine is ORGANIZED.!

just updated:
The Darkest Hour[2011]
War Horse[2011]