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These are films I enjoyed immensely, and usually they're either flawless, or damn near perfect. I know not everyone will agree with my choices, but it's okay because these are MY personal favourites. Also this list is forever expanding. This list will come with reviews, what I like about these films, and the overall rating, which I will also use a rating scale for. It goes from 0-10, rather than the usual 1-10.

0/10: This film is absolute crap. Please don't see it. Don't waste your money on utter garbage.
1/10: Sort of amusing how terrible it is. Not really all that worth buying it, though.
2/10: Lame and boring, proceed with caution.
3/10: Still lame and boring, does have some redeeming qualities. You may be able to skip to the better parts after sitting through it once.
4/10: Lame and you can skip to better parts after seeing it once. Has more better parts than the movies with a rating of three.
5/10: Not terrible, but not good. Kind of in the middle. Some might enjoy it.
6/10: Good. Still could be better. Full of flaws, but it's enjoyable.
7/10: Better. It's still full of flaws, but it's likeable and if I give a movie this rating, I enjoyed it a whole lot, but it's not one of my favourites.
8/10: Really good. But it has some flaws that are rather noticeable, hence it's not the highest it could be. If a movie is given this warning, it has the potential to be better, and it is one of my favourites.
9/10: Great. But it has some flaws.
10/10: Perfect. No flaws whatsoever.

Some of these movies will be half. The ratings on this one will only be 7.5 to 10.
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